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"Prune in June" - Boltonia - UPDATE

By John Markowski @jmarkowski0
When last we spoke of my beloved (sarcasm should be applied here) Boltonia, I had cut them back by half in the middle of June. 
As you know or ... as you will now know ... each and every year these perennials topple over for me once they are in full bloom in late August. And each and every year I forget to cut them back in early summer prior to their blooming in order to manage their size.
But this year was different ... and the early results are encouraging (although not all districts are reporting their results yet). 
Here they were in mid-June untouched:      
And then cut back by half:

As of this past weekend, here is how they look upon beginning to bloom:

And as of this evening with even more blooms:

I would say they are at about three feet tall right now and were closer to four to five feet tall at this time in previous years. So far so good in terms of staying upright and they have even survived some major winds and rain the past week or so.
Of course, Boltonias bloom like mad and they are only about half way there in terms of reaching their full blooming potential ... but I wanted to bask in the positivity for a while.
Hopefully the good news will roll into September.

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