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Protest Day

Posted on the 18 January 2020 by Steveawiggins @stawiggins

Today should be known as Protest Day.Three years ago with over a million others I marched in Washington.The media still routinely underreports the numbers there, despite the metrics used on the ground.“They’re only women,” it seems to say.I marched the last two years in New York City.The protest can never stop.Once a democracy has opened the door to evil, it can never rest again.It’s cold outside.There’s a winter storm in the forecast.Women everywhere are out marching.This mansplained world must come to an end.We must hear all voices.Despite having control of all branches of government, the Trump message isn’t being heard.Perhaps there is justice in nature.I like to believe it, even when it’s hard.

Protest Day

Patriarchalism wears many disguises, such as biblicism.If all you take from the Good Book is the idea that men are more important, then you’ve missed the point.The Bible is a book with a context and those who can quote it without knowing what it originally meant are left wondering why so many other Christians disagree.The message must be heard.Liberation theologians long ago realized that Jesus’ gospel had been drowned in the voices of legalism.They did what we all should be doing today; they protested.

Signs of national and international weariness are everywhere evident.Trump-supporting senators strike out with ad hominem attacks for all reason has failed them.Used to be if you aided and abetted a criminal you’d get in trouble.Now you just get bumped to a more influential committee.So we protest.History hasn’t forgotten Watergate.It will never forget the disaster of 2016 when a political party sold its soul.

A restaurant not far from here is owned and operated by a young woman.A sign on the register says “The Future Is Female.”I hope it’s so.Our hunter-gatherer sensibilities have been suborned by the possibilities of agricultural surplus.Where there’s surplus there’s mammon to be made.In the Middle Ages mammon became the name of a demon.Today it’s inscribed on the hearts of those who follow cash, no matter where it may lead.Once upon a time a man from Galilee said the wealthy wouldn’t inherit the kingdom.Like Caesar they dedicate the temple to themselves.We may not all be able to get out to march today, but we can make our consciences heard.Women deserve every right men have.It’s time to learn to share.Until that happens, we must protest.

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