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Proper Outdoor Lighting Is An Effective Crime Deterrent

By Lili Gomes @_roselili


Just like everywhere else, crime takes place in the suburbs of Victoria as well. Fortunately, there are several ways that can be adopted to prevent and deter crimes, and effective outdoor lighting is one of them. Studies have shown that residential and commercial properties with more light outside their premises are less likely to be targeted by thieves and perpetrators.

Before we discuss the strategies of using outdoor lighting for keeping wrongdoers away, let’s talk about its usefulness. In addition to preventing crime, it can also help to see the way properly in the darkness of night. Moreover, it aids in noticing obstacles so that one may avoid walking into them. And also, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of a place and makes it more inviting for guests & visitors.

But what kind of lights should be used for illuminating the outdoor to keep miscreants and unwanted intruders at bay? According to experts, the most effective ones are those which do not have much glare, focus on a specific direction and are efficient. Post lanterns fit the criteria most suitably – they do not diffuse the light in multiple directions, are durable and also not very bright. They are ideal for walkways and driveways leading to homes. However, only the ones with frosted glass should be installed, otherwise the glare of the stark light can have a blinding effect on drivers.

Another effective outdoor lighting is floodlights, which can be installed at an elevation of 12 feet from the ground near driveways. They provide a great volume of illumination and may also be connected to motion sensors for effective crime deterrence. Any good electrician in Epping or Craigieburn would be able to install these lights in no time.

Walklights are also great for the driveway or pathway areas of residential and commercial properties. They can be controlled using various options, such as a conventional switch, motion sensors or timers. Timer-regulated switches are more convenient, as they can be set to keep the light on for a fixed period even after a person has gone to bed. Besides that, they may also be adjusted according to changes of evening times during summer and winter.

The chink in the armor of crime prevention using outdoor light is potential danger zones. In order to ensure the efficacy of the lighting, determining these zones is important. Also choosing the proper switch, that is, timer, motion sensor or traditional, is also important.

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Proper Outdoor Lighting Is An Effective Crime Deterrent

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