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Proof the Time Warner-Comcast Merger Shouldn't Go Through

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by Morage @kebmebms

So there is a proposal that the two telecommunications giants, Time Warner and Comcast should merge and there is no better example of why these two shouldn't merge than the upstart T-Mobile and their story:
T-Mobile Turns an Industry on Its Ear
The fourth-ranking carrier blew up the rules on smartphones and wireless contracts, to the benefit of many consumers.
Little, fourth-placed T-Mobile needs to get more customers and business, so what happens?
They lower their prices and come out swinging.
And what happens?
They get more business.
And who won, because of it?
You and me. The consumers.
If the Time-Warner/Comcast merger goes through, not only do the customers of these two companies lose and they likely get higher prices, but it's better for every other big telecommunications company. You know, like the biggest one? The one on the Fortune 500 list that rhymes with Bay Dee and Dee?  Yeah, that one. They win big, too.
Fewer companies, vying for the same customers.
If it goes through, folks, it's one more way we, as consumers, are screwed.
If you're not already against this possible merger, you should be.

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