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PROJECT LAUNCH: The Beginning of Something New

Posted on the 19 September 2011 by Andrewgavinmarshall @A_G_Marshall

The People’s Project would seek to fund various initiatives and projects through social media awareness and support, in order to act as a type of ‘People’s Foundation’, supporting research, arts, sciences, media, social movements, and other institutions and ideas which seek to create a proper understanding of the world and actively begin projects in order to change that world and liberate humanity from the social, political, and economic conditions that have always and continue to enslave it to a small elite.

Here are the specifics:

- please make donations

- spread the word via facebook and other social networking and media sites and sources

- the financial information will be posted on, so you may see where your donations are going

- the author will be paid $15/hour for the actual writing of the book, and will log the hours spent online, also made available in the section for ‘financial information’

- the author will update the blog with descriptions of current research and writing in the book, allowing readers and contributors to comment, make suggestions, or simply see what efforts their donations are supporting


Thank you for your time and support,


Andrew Gavin Marshall

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