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Professional Kitchen Appliance Packages

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers

Professional Kitchen Appliance Packages

Professional kitchen appliance packages transform kitchens from average to extraordinary.

Having a full kitchen of professional appliances is a goal for many homeowners. However, choosing the right appliances for your kitchen can be confusing.

In this post, we break down the steps to choosing your own pro appliance package deal. It's easy than you think to get the professional kitchen of your dreams.

Build Your Own Pro Appliance Package

Professional Kitchen Appliance Packages

To build your own package of professional appliances it is helpful to begin by asking yourself questions. What appliances you need depends on your lifestyle and your cooking habits.

By asking yourself questions you can narrow down options, zoom in on features, and discover what actually is important to you. Then your professional kitchen appliance package will build itself.

Here are a set of example questions you can ask yourself about each major kitchen appliance.


  • How big of a family do you have?
  • How much food do you need to store?
  • Do you use food quickly or do you need it to keep longer?
  • Do you like having water and ice on hand?
  • Do you want a streamlined look?
  • Do you like stainless steel or a color appliance finish?
  • Are smart appliance features important to you?

Range or Stove

  • How often do you cook?
  • How many people do you normally cook for?
  • Do you like stainless steel or another appliance finish?
  • What fuel source do you need or prefer? Gas, electric, propane...
  • Are more burners important to you?
  • Is oven capacity important to you?
  • Do you want Wi-Fi or other smart home features?

Wall Oven

  • Is a range not an option?
  • Do you want the oven located at a better height?
  • How often do you use an oven?
  • Does oven capacity matter?
  • Which fuel type do you require? Electric, gas, propane...
  • Do you want smart features?


  • Do you have a wall oven?
  • Do you have a kitchen island?
  • Would you like to consider induction?
  • Is gas, electric, or propane the fuel type you need?
  • How often do use stove burners?
  • Are BTUs important to you?
  • Are smart appliance features needed?

Range Hood

  • Do you cook often?
  • Do you use the rangetop or cootop a lot?
  • Is your kitchen big or small?
  • Are CFMs important to you?
  • Is your range or cooktop located along a wall or a kitchen island?
  • Do you want stainless steel or a more unique color finish?


  • How many dishes do you have to wash?
  • Do you have a big or small family?
  • Do you need extra spray jets?
  • Do you need a culinary tray?
  • Is saving water or energy important to you?
  • Do you want smart dishwasher features?

Now that you have asked your questions about each kitchen appliance, you need to consider the kitchen as a whole when building a professional kitchen appliance package.

The next important step is to see which professional appliance brands meet your needs.

Choose the Right Professional Kitchen Brands

Professional Kitchen Appliance Packages

When shopping for professional appliances brand is extremely critical.

Now that you know your needs after asking yourself the questions from above, explore these brands to build your own professional appliance package. Here some professional appliance brands:

All the Same Appliance Brand or Mix and Match

Professional kitchen appliance packages can be made up out of one brand or a number of different brands.

Many people choose to outfit their kitchens with appliances from a single brand. However, there are good reasons to mix and match brands.

Just imagine what if you find the perfect KitchenAid refrigerator that checks all the boxes, but you fall in love with a Fulgor Milano range. In many cases you can match them quite nicely.

If you are going all stainless steel, matching different brands is fairly easy. Matching black stainless is more difficult since each brand uses a different finish process.

Another option is to choose mainly stainless steel appliances with one appliance in an accent color. This allows excellent kitchen design while providing a fridge or range from a different brand.

Professional Kitchen Appliance Packages

Professional Kitchen Appliance Packages

Professional kitchen appliance packages are perfect for creating an outstanding kitchen.

Building your appliance package can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn't have to be. If you simply breakdown each step, things become clear.

To recap a bit, start by asking yourself questions about each appliance. This helps you know exactly what you need from each appliance. Then consider the brand and whether or not you can mix and match.

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