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Product Reviews : Mascara: L'Oreal:L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D False Lash Effect Mascara

By Makeuptemple @makeuptemple


The mascara claims to provide a false lash effect, leaving lashes volumised, lengthened, texturized and curved. It also contains "sculpting fibres".

But does it really gives us what it promise?





When you open the mascara and you will notice that there are clumps on the mascara, so i cleaned it up before i use this


here on the second picture you can see the clumps clearly.



The bristle is a bit curved



looks like it has been bended


not the wand has only clumps, it causes clumps on your lashes and your lashes stick together

you need to comb them with a fan mascara brush after your mascara dries on your lashes



here is how Milla’s lashes look and now let’s look for her natural lashes


she still wears a mascara but there are million times difference when we compare this picture and the one used in Loreal add.


Well obviously Loreal heard our voice, we are not that stupid anymore to believe the adds used fake lashes on models, that looks gorgeous.

As I heard Milla did not wear fake lashes during these adds.

If she did not wear fake lashes why not our lashes looks like the lashes in the add or the makeup artist used a different mascara on the adds?


I loved their original telescopic mascara the one in brownish pack.. 


it cost me about £11.00, i bought this from Boots




I do not see anything like volume, length, texture, curl on my lashes.




an ordinary mascara would give me this look, it does not have to be L'Oreal…

you can see on left I am wearing a mascara and right no mascara


I had to wear 4-5 coats to give this look to my lashes, it is not fair, you need to be gentle to your lashes..


if you are dreaming of nice long, volumised, curved, long lashes



and If you think you can get this dream look with L'Oreal 4 D Mascara


I will say not me actually Marilyn Manson says for me “ Sweet Dreams are made of this “


This mascara is long lasting,  It will stay on your lashes all day and you will feel it, of course it will shout look she is wearing a mascara…   It will be hard to remove this mascara I recommend you to wear a oily based eye make up remover, by that you will removed it easily


I definitely not going to buy this mascara again,  L'Oreal Million Lashes Extra Black is much better than this mascara..

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