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Product Review: Swipes Lovin’ Wipes

Posted on the 12 July 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Product Review: Swipes Lovin’ WipesLast month I received a product to review. Here’s the thing, this product is a bit different than what we’ve reviewed on the site in the past. Intended for use before and after “intimate moments”, Swipes Lovin’ Wipes are made from 98% renewable materials. The wipes, which come in either individually wrapped “to go” or 42 count packages, can be flushed down the toilet instead of thrown away in the trash.  In addition to their intended purpose, the wipes can also be used for the following:

  • personal care wipes
  • baby and toddler wipes
  • flushable moist toilet wipes
  • anti-microbial wipes
  • glass and window wipes
  • hand sanitizer wipes
  • household disinfecting wipes
  • other surface cleaning wipes

Indeed, the wipes are quite versatile. In a previous product review I talked about washable diapers. While we use cloth wipes at home, on the road, we do not have a way of moistening the cloth. The wipes from Swipes have filled a niche. Historically, we used the wipes purchased at Costco. Although these are economical (around $20 for 900), they are not flushable, so we end up having to throw them in the trash, which is a public health concern, since the landfill is not designed for human waste. Swipes markets their line of wipes as environmentally conscious. In fact, their website details a host of environmental features that separate these wipes from those my family uses for our son.

Swipes Inc. employs life cycle assessment (LCA) methods to ensure the impact of their products are minimal throughout the manufacturing, usage, and disposal of the wipes. In addition, they source their materials from sustainably managed forests. Furthermore, the tree pulp is chlorine free. Lastly, the materials are all tested for bio-toxicity and “to assure that they are non-toxic and safe for our water and land environments.”

Swipes Lovin’ Wipes was founded and is currently owned and operated by women. The wipes are available through a number of retailers and come in either unscented and cucumber scented, the latter of which is a light, refreshing aroma.

Beyond use for intimate moments, hence the “lovin’” part of their name, the wipes help maintain hygiene during less sanitary times. One of the greatest aspects of the wipes is the lack of harsh chemicals. Since they are intended for sensitive areas, the chemical free component makes using the wipes a pleasant experience.

Since the cost is greater, using the wipes from Swipes is for everyday purposes can be prohibitive. However cool and refreshing, the upfront cost has to be considered. The larger pack is more economical and less wasteful than the smaller, individually packaged wipes. While the latter are handy on the go, the extra cost ($2.99 for 4 individually wrapped wipes; think wet wipes at a restaurant) makes them more difficult to justify. At the same time, they are discreet and can be used for their intended purpose without drawing extra attention to the user.

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