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Probiotics For Health

By Rolala @rolalaloves

Probiotics For Health

Probiotics are known as the "good bacteria" for a valid reason and they are essential to the health of your skin as well as your digestive system and immune system. These live microorganisms aid in digestion, improve colon health and can even reduce the severity of illnesses like the cold and flu. A plentiful amount of probiotics in your body will help to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria.
Most people commonly associate probiotics with yogurt and you should look for ones that contain live and active cultures. There are also some dairy free yogurts that contain added probiotics made from coconut milk, rice or soy. Whatever you choose, just make sure it has no added sugar or low sugar. Fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles and miso are also rich in probiotics. Other sources include kefir, kombucha, tempeh and microalgae.

Probiotics For Health

Zenwise Labs Super Strength Ultra-15 Probiotics come in a supply day supply and are available through The winner of the
Probiotics are also available in supplement form and my husband and I started taking them last year after we'd read about their benefits and asked our doctor about them. Since taking them we both experienced positive results. They helped me with my allergies and my husband with his skin and overall we both felt we had less digestive issues. I recently switched up my usual probiotic supplement to try out Zenwise Labs Super Strength Ultra-15 Probiotics. Their natural proprietary blend is formulated with 10 strains of natural probiotics along with 15 million CFU (colony forming units) of viable bacteria to ensure optimal digestive health. They're shelf stable so they don't require refrigeration. The tablets themselves are the size of a vitamin and they're easy to swallow. I've been taking one first thing in the morning in place of my usual supplement and it's been a seamless transition without any side effects.
Do you take probiotics or any other supplements?
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