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Privacy Please

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The brunette twin asked for her own room just before their 12th birthday. It took us a full year to convince the blond twin that it was a good idea. So, you can imagine our surprised reaction when the blond twin announced at dinner that she needed her privacy and her twin should bothering her.

Being the good mom that I am, I laughed at her. The blond twin is a girl who can't sit near you when you watch a movie. She has to touch you at all times. When we bought the girls' bunk beds, we bought one with a double bed on the bottom because the blond twin always wanted to sleep with her twin. We often said the brunette twin should give Holly an extra treat daily as the dog slept with the blond twin most nights. This gave the brunette twin some space to herself.

When the blond twin announced that she needed some space from the brunette twin, I secretly cheered. I adore how close they are, but I did worry that the blond twin's need to be with her twin at all times would create problems for their relationship. As they grew it was more and more apparent that the brunette twin needed more down time than her sister. This caused some problems that they seemed to work out, but it was always clear that the brunette twin would have preferred a bit more time on the couch reading.

The blond twin announcing that she wanted some space from her sister was a huge step for both of them. Now that they have their own spaces they are working out a new balance to their relationship. It's great to see them grow their own wings, while still staying connected.

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