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Privacy Issues

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The blond twin recently decided that she wants her privacy.  Not from us or her sister, but from everyone else.  She has started complaining when we tell embarrassing stories or share her grades with other.  Last weekend she expanded it to all medical issues.
The blond twin has bloody noses from time to time.  On Sunday she stayed home from church because she was afraid it would start bleeding again.  It started just before we were supposed to leave and she took the opportunity to stay home with Daddy.  (Ok, maybe she just wanted to stay home with Daddy.  It did cross my mind.)
At church several people asked.  Most of the time I said she wasn't feeling well.  I told a couple of people because I thought they might have some advice for us.  It turns out they did.  When she found out I told them why she stayed home she was MAD.  Really, really mad.  She said, "It's my body and you don't get to tell them what's going on unless I say so."
Did I mention she was mad?  Two more times this week she reminded me that I was not allowed to tell anyone something about her. 
It's an interesting turn of events because both girls have growing concerns about their privacy, but in different ways.  The blond twin doesn't want anyone outside the immediate family to know anything.  The brunette twin has taken to hiding when she changes clothes and shutting the bathroom door as she gains some modesty.  She hasn't said she doesn't want me to tell anyone what is happening with her when she's sick, but I'm sure it's coming. 

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