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Prinzhorn Dance School: Clay Class

Posted on the 26 January 2012 by Hctf @hctf
Prinzhorn Dance Schoolphoto: Melanie Klein

UK duo Prinzhorn Dance School are trying to out-hip the hipsters on their new album Clay Class. Tobin Prinz (vocals, drums) and Suzi Horn (vocals, bass) i filled with are tunes that are into what's "happening". So did they succeed in making a memorable album? No. It's enjoyable, but most of the material fails to leave lasting impression. A few cuts will survive such as the lead single Happy In Bits, the tender I Want You, the stuttering back-beat in Sing Orderly and the sparse by highly effective lyrics of The Flora And Fauna Of Britain In Bloom.

Prinzhorn Dance School have studied their predecessors in the post-punk genre and now they can reproduce it with their eyes closed. They come up short as a creative force that will turn heads.

Prinzhorn Dance School: Clay Class

Clay Class is released on DFA Records. Release date: January 31.

  1. Happy In Bits
  2. Usurper
  3. Seed, Crop, Harvest
  4. I Want You
  5. Your Fire Has Gone Out
  6. Crisis Team
  7. The Flora And Fauna Of Britain In Bloom
  8. Turn Up The Light
  9. Sing Orderly
  10. Right Night Kay West
  11. Shake The Jar

Live dates:
  • 03/01 London, 93 Feet East, UK
  • 03/07 Tours, Temps Machine, France
  • 03/08 Bordeaux, I.Boat, France
  • 03/09 Limoges, La Fourmi, France
  • 03/10 Nimes, Theatre Du Periscope, France
  • 03/11 Lyon, Le Sonic, France
  • 03/12 Grenoble, L'Amperage, France
  • 03/14 Bern, Reitschule, Switzerland
  • 03/15 Milan, Leoncavallo, Italy
  • 03/16 Bologna, Locamotiv, Italy
  • 03/17 Rome, Locanda Atlantide, Italy
  • 03/18 Turin, Blah Blah, Italy
  • 03/20 Vienna, Fluc, Austria
  • 03/21 Prague, Meet Factory, Czech Republic
  • 03/22 Dresden, Scheune, Germany
  • 03/23 Munich, Atomic Cafe, Germany
  • 03/24 Heidelberg, Karlstorebahnhof, Germany
  • 03/25 Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Germany
  • 03/26 Hamburg, Knust, Germany
  • 03/27 Cologne, Tsunami, Germany
  • 03/28 Paris, Le Petit Bain, France

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