Food & Drink Magazine Review #2

By Peacewing

A few years ago I downloaded a few patterns from hoping that it would be as convenient as I hoped it would be. It took me a long time to fiddle with the website and get my patterns printed out… in that time alone, I could have gone to the store, bought the pattern, and have been done with it. In truth, I had only entertained to get my “instant gratification” fix… and boy, was it NOT worth it. The whole operation is barely functional, and printing out the patterns is a nightmare. All of the patterns I bought was wasted money: I will never try and print them again. Consensus on the web seems to be a resounding: never use So here’s why I think you should opt for the paper patterns instead:

  • I keep my paper patterns filed in plastic, waterproof bins. I never cut them, only use them to trace copies from in all sizes. This way I can use them over, and over and over again, alter the patterns, etc. I will trace onto wax paper or freezer paper. (Freezer paper bonus: you can use it as an iron on stencil, and buy the rolls inexpensively in bulk online.)
  • If the paper patterns start getting icky, or if I got them secondhand and they are cut/crinkled/full of holes, I will iron them onto a lightweight or medium interfacing. Fixed! (I learned this the hard way: if you are ironing interfacing or anything onto something with holes… the adhesive will seep through to the ironing board and/or get on your iron. I have taken to using waxed paper to protect everything!)
  • If the paper patterns are beyond repair, I will iron them out flat to the best of my ability and then trace them onto brown Kraft/butcher paper to keep.

Pattern problem: solved.

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