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Prints Charming (a FTF Community Event)

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

Prints Charming (a FTF Community event)
"Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks like a thorn." 
-Romeo and Juliet
Prints Charming (a FTF Community event)It's no secret that I'm a big fan of a happy mix of prints. Yes, mixed prints brings out the romantic in me even though I am clearly from the wrong side of the tracks. Lucky for me this was one of the key trends for Spring. Also lucky for me, I don't really let my happy-ever-after come from following trends.
Prints Charming (a FTF Community event)Prints Charming (a FTF Community event)
Hence the rebellious addition of a very non-trendy item- my tacky baseball cap with it's campy "I heart Magnum P.I." that holds me under its spell. 
The key for a a happy mix of prints is to play in the same color family. In this case, my summer calico romper in navy with white and light blue flowers, plays nicely with the large floral pattern of the cotton sweater. While the colors aren't an exact match (I'm not a fan of "matchy-matchy") the common blue hues bring a certain sense to the riotous blend. Also adding interest is the vintage red/white/blue flower broach that draw the eye to front and center, adding focus to what could be a dizzy-making combo. The light blue hat, not your obvious topper for the outfit gives the otherwise girly look a tomboy edge. The socks, a small print of grey, black, white and mint green polka dots, echo the pattern of the calico, and fit seamlessly into this romance. 
Speaking of romantic, nothing says "I love you" like a pair of cheery, cherry red heart shaped sunglasses. And conveniently, the red in the broach is enhanced with my shady addition. 
Prints Charming (a FTF Community event)Now Wearing: 
  • Vintage novelty baseball cap, thrifted
  • Heart Sunnies, Freestyle
  • Vintage floral broach, gifted
  • Target brand cotton romper, freebie
  • Target brand cotton sweater, thrifted
  • Target polka dot ankle socks, Target
  • Dr. Scholl's platform wedges
This is part of a Full Time Fabulous community event, hosted by the uber-lovely Kristy Elena of Sunglass Hut's Full Time Fabulous. Be sure to click here to see more fabulous posts on Spring fashion trends.

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