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Prince to Make Surprise Appearance at Paradiso

By Amsterdam City Tours

Prince to make surprise appearance at Paradiso

Amsterdam’s ultimate music hot spot Paradiso may get a little steamer this weekend with a surprise concert by pop icon Prince.

The Dutch rumor mill began pumping the news on 7 July after a local radio DJ revealed “reliable sources” had confirmed his appearance.

Newspapers, Twitter and online agenda sites are gobbling up the headline and searching for updates on how visitors can get inside for the show.

Prince to make surprise appearance at Paradiso

With Indie artists Wakey!Wakey! set to take the Paradiso main stage this evening, there are doubts that Prince fans will get their royal dose. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance the two may share the stage. Or that Prince will make a less publicly known surprise appearance at another time this weekend.

Prince is in the Netherlands for this weekend’s North Sea Jazz Festival held in The Hague. This year’s event has drawn international crowds with huge headliners including Snoop Dogg, Paul Simon and Chaka Khan.

According to sources, Prince is supposed to spring his act to the capital either before or after he performs at the festival.

As powerful as the rumor mill can be, it is sometimes just that. For those looking for an adventure this weekend – and some exciting Paradiso performances – the quest for Prince begins in Amsterdam.

A safer bet, however, may be to head to The Hague for what is sure to be the hippest, hottest act at the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Prince to make surprise appearance at Paradiso

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By DieZeL
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Since 2006 North Sea Jazz event moved to Rotterdam Ahoy. Get your facts straight!