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Prince Harry Engagement Ring – Made From Diana’s Diamonds?

By Pixelweddings

Prince Harry Engagement Ring Rumours

"Prince Harry Engagement Ring - Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with engagement ring 'made from Diana's Diamonds

No one is sure yet but It has now been reported that the special ring was fashioned out of diamonds that were once worn by Princess Diana. According to US Weekly, Prince Harry commissioned the ring to be made out of one of his late mother's brooches.The family jewels have also been used by his elder brother William.

There's still plenty we don't know about the couple's future though. Like, when exactly will the announcement come? When will the wedding be? Where will the wedding take place? What will the engagement ring look like?

Prince Harry Engagement Ring

While we still obviously don't know exactly what the ring looks like, a source did share some very vital information about the special piece of jewelry with Us Weekly. Apparently, Harry designed the ring himself (romantic), but there's something even more unique about the piece-it will incorporate diamonds from a broach owned by Harry's late mother, Princess Diana. In 2010, the Duke of Cambridge used his mum's sapphire ring during his proposal to Kate Middleton. Read more

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