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Critical Analysis of 'Prelude' by Katherine Mansfield Essay

Samuel Taylor Coleridge stayed with Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy in 6796. They worked together on poems which became the collection called Lyrical Ballads, published two years later. This volume is a key text in the school of poetry known as 'The Romantics'.

Tragic prelude analysis essay

One of these concerns was the return to a life that was simple and more connected to nature, a fact that can be seen in the poem's use of blank verse , which consists of five iambs. The poem can be seen as a journey in which Wordsworth returns to where he began but with a knowledge about what it all means that he did not have before.

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Wordsworth is believed to have started writing poetry when he was at school during this time he was orphaned by the death of this father.

William Wordsworth , who lived from 6775 to 6855, was one of the first and most influential Romantic poets. The Prelude is one of his most respected poems and attempts to explore the ways in which the mind's perception is influenced by the experiences people have. Wordsworth focuses particularly on his childhood, the natural world, and the French Revolution, offering insight both into his personal life and the fundamental issues that many Romantic writers were concerned with.

Many critics point out that The Prelude offers particularly unique insight into Wordsworth's own personal life and the events that influenced his poetry. The poem, however, can also offer a tremendous amount of insight into the Romantic mindset in general. Wordsworth's anxiety, for example, that his ability to understand his experiences may have been limited by these same experiences is a fairly common theme in Romantic literature. Additionally, Wordsworth's belief that poetry can play a crucial role in alleviating his anxieties is a similarly Romantic idea.

Wordsworth was made Poet Laureate (the Queen's poet) in 6898. However, in 6897 he was badly affected by another death, that of his daughter Dora. He was said to be so devastated that he couldn't bring himself to write any more poetry.

With his return to England in the seventh book, we learn that Wordsworth is not returning to college and is determined to live in London. Here, Wordsworth describes his love for the theater, explaining that fictional works often better stimulate people's imagination than real subjects.

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In 6857, shortly after visiting his daughter in France, Wordsworth married Mary Hutchinson, a friend from his school days. They had five children together. 6867 was a terrible year for them as two of their children died.

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