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Primavera Sound 2011 Live Broadcast

Posted on the 26 May 2011 by Stizzard

If you can’t make it to Primavera Sound 2011, we have a special treat in store for all the fans of good music everywhere. We’ve just been handed the live broadcast feed which starts later on today.

Primavera Sound 2011 Live Broadcast

Here’s your chance to enjoy some of the bands with the Primavera Sound 2011 Live Broadcast. It will be going live later on today and you can watch all the fun and action from here.

Today, down at Barceloneta will be the following bands:

  • La Familia del Árbol – Red Bull Tour Bus – Barcelonaeta 13:30
  • Atleta – Red Bull Tour Bus – Barcelonaeta 14:30
  • Evripidis and his Tragedies – Red Bull Tour Bus – Barcelonaeta 15:30

Today at the Parc del Forum Venue

Today at the parc del Forum venue we have many bands and here’s a complet list below:

Artist nameVenueTime

El GuinchoLlevant stage03:30h

Blank DogsPitchfork Stage19:15h

Das RacistPitchfork Stage00:45h

El Mató A Un Policía MotorizadoRay-Ban Unplugged18:10h

Triángulo De Amor BizarroSan Miguel Stage18:00h

Of MontrealSan Miguel Stage20:00h

GrindermanSan Miguel Stage23:00h

The Flaming LipsSan Miguel Stage02:15h

Sonny & The SunsetsLlevant stage19:00h

P.I.L. (Public Image Limited)Llevant stage21:15h

InterpolLlevant stage00:45h

Girl TalkLlevant stage04:30h

Marina GallardoRay-Ban stage17:00h

Moon DuoRay-Ban stage19:00h

Big BoiRay-Ban stage21:15h

Suicide performing first LPRay-Ban stage00:45h

SuunsRay-Ban stage04:00h

IsletATP stage18:00h

CultsATP stage19:15h

SeefeelATP stage20:30h

Oneohtrix Point NeverATP stage21:45h

Glenn Branca EnsembleATP stage23:15h

CaribouATP stage00:45h

SalemATP stage02:15h

Factory FloorATP stage03:45h

DM StithRockdelux (Auditori) Stage19:30h

Sufjan StevensRockdelux (Auditori) Stage20:30h

ToundraPitchfork Stage17:00h

EmeraldsPitchfork Stage18:00h

Blank DogsRay-Ban Unplugged22:30h

The Fresh & OnlysPitchfork Stage20:30h

GlasserPitchfork Stage21:45h

The WalkmenPitchfork Stage23:00h

Das RacistRay-Ban Unplugged20:15h

Gold PandaPitchfork Stage02:00h

BathsPitchfork Stage03:15h

John TalabotPitchfork Stage04:15h

Colectivo OrugaJägermeister Vice Stage17:00h

Dúo CobraJägermeister Vice Stage18:00h

ThelemáticosJägermeister Vice Stage19:15h

DucktailsJägermeister Vice Stage20:30h

Connan MockasinJägermeister Vice Stage21:45h

Smoke FairiesJägermeister Vice Stage23:00h

Ty SegallJägermeister Vice Stage01:30h

LügerJägermeister Vice Stage02:45h

El Mató A Un Policía MotorizadoJägermeister Vice Stage00:15h

Las RobertasRay-Ban Unplugged23:30h

The Record Summeradidas Originals stage18:15h

The Car Is On Fireadidas Originals stage19:30h

GAFadidas Originals stage17:00h

Bearsuitadidas Originals stage20:45h

Fernando Milagrosadidas Originals stage22:00h

Eladio y Los Seres Queridosadidas Originals stage23:15h

Kystadidas Originals stage00:30h

Woody Alienadidas Originals stage01:45h

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