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Primark Maxi Skirt

By K @stylesocoy
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Primark. Not that I actually ever hate it, but more that sometimes I just haven't got the time or patience to scour the racks for the gems they contain.
I like to be able to browse online for the clothes that I like and then, when I have the time, I can shop in town with direction and purpose, trying stuff on and coming away feeling satisfied that I've bought things that I really wanted. I do a lot of shopping online too!!
In Primark's defence, they have recently had loads of really gorgeous items in so I haven't had to search through things to find the items that I want to buy, they've just been waiting there for me to come and get them! I also find it really helpful when people I follow on YouTube make haul videos of their recent purchases, because that way I get a much needed sneak peak at what's currently available in store.
I picked this skirt up in a recent trip and I love it loads, especially for summer. I'll also be able to wear it for work with it being as long as it is. It was about £10.00 (I'm not sure of the exact price because I'm rubbish and I've binned the label and the receipt.) It is still available in store at the moment if you wanted to pick it up.
Primark Maxi skirt Primark Maxi skirt Primark Maxi skirt Primark Maxi skirt Primark Maxi skirt Skirt with belt- Primark (current season) Vest- Topshop Cardigan- Primark Sunglasses-Primark Shoes- Topshop Vectras
Have you had any amazing find in Primark recently? K

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