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Pretty Or Pretty Ugly? Sneaker Wedges

By Bridgetteraes @BridgetteRaes

Pretty or Pretty Ugly?  Sneaker WedgesOh, and you thought UGGS looked big, clunky and stupid. Well, UGGs have nothing, and I mean NOTHING, on the absurd stupidity that is the sneaker wedge.

Resembling something that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future, many of these space aged looking clodhoppers come with velcro bindings, are in metallics or are in strange color combinations that would be beautiful if they weren’t in such fugly sneaker/wedge hybrid styles.

Pretty or Pretty Ugly?  Sneaker Wedges

Remember Marty McFly's sneakers?

What are you supposed to wear with these shoes?  Honestly, I’m at a loss.  Few clients of mine have asked me how to wear them, nor have they shown the remotest interest in wearing them.  Yet, doing some research, some fashionistas (who actually think these shoes are cool) find them very versatile.  Versatile, really?  Maybe I’m getting too old for this profession.

On a shopping trip for a client yesterday, I spotted quite a few sneaker wedge styles from brands like Steve Madden, ASH and Modern Vice.

Here are some photos of the styles I snapped while at Lord & Taylor in NYC.

Tell me what you think, Pretty or Pretty Ugly?

These two styles, by ASH are in gorgeous color combinations…that are, unfortunately, wasted on ugly styles.

Pretty or Pretty Ugly?  Sneaker Wedges

Pretty or Pretty Ugly?  Sneaker Wedges

Modern Vice’s take on this trend goes perfectly with a fresh glass of Tang and a spacesuit.

Pretty or Pretty Ugly?  Sneaker Wedges

Has there ever been a trend with the lifespan of a fruit-fly that Steve Madden hasn’t been all over?  I believe both these pairs were by Steve Madden guaranteeing all the tween “hauler girls” with a passion for things like bubble gum lip gloss, Forever 21 and saying “like” and “you know” will affordably be able to partake in this trend too.  Fabulous.

Pretty or Pretty Ugly?  Sneaker Wedges

Admittedly, ten years ago I vowed I’d never wear a pair of UGGs and, as I write this, I am wearing them right now.  So, perhaps one day I’ll come around to these sneaker wedges.  However, I’m hopeful that if that time ever rolls around the trend will be long over.

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