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Pretty Or Pretty Ugly? Novelty Skeleton Jeans

By Bridgetteraes @BridgetteRaes

Skeleton JeansJeepers creepers, I’m all for novelty denim, but these are a bit extreme, no?

If you’re planning on going as a skeleton for Halloween, I guess you can get a jump start on your planning now by picking up this anatomically pair of pants by Iron Fist called the Wishbone Skinny Jeans.  Yet, I should warn you, after some extensive online searching, I am finding that most retailers are sold out, with the main shopper being, my guess, a bunch of girls under the age of 20.

Truthfully, there is something about these jeans that I like looking at.  Granted, they would have absolutely no place in my wardrobe, but they are interesting and a heck of a lot cooler than the muscle leggings that were popular last year.  I mean, those were just gross.   

What do you think?  Pretty or Pretty Ugly?

And, because it’s rare that I get to style something so absolutely wacky, here are some fun looks together for some fun and inspiration…and just in case you wanted to buy a pair.

Oh, just humor me.

Skeleton Jeans
Skeleton Jeans by bridgetteraes featuring drop earrings

That t-shirt is too hysterical for words!

Skeleton Jeans
Skeleton Jeans by bridgetteraes featuring wool sweaters

Nothing accessorizes better with skeleton jeans than a pair of safety pin earrings and a little “Day of the Dead” bracelet.

Skeleton Jeans
Skeleton Jeans by bridgetteraes featuring stud earrings

And, for the girly macabre.   Because death stuff is, ya know, like, soooo cool.

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