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Pretty Little Liars: EscApe From New York Recap

Posted on the 11 June 2014 by Kandee @kandeecanread

I know we have all missed that familiar tagline at the beginning of each episode:"Previously on Pretty Little Liars..."Well, it is back and boy, did it start off with a bang. (Pun intended) Ezra Fitz has been shot by none-other-than A and is being wheeled around the hospital. But guess who's there as well? A. I don't know how they did it, but A can apparently sneak around a hospital full of people in a black hoodie and ski mask. The liars (and Ali) end up calling the police to tell them that it was Ezra who had been shot and then they start talking about what to do, with a few quotes from my main man Sun Tzu. They split up, LIKE IDIOTS, and the end up meeting at the hospital where Ezra and A are. Then they meet up and coax A from the hospital and try to ambush him/it/bitch, as Spencer so blatantly puts it. While all this is happening, in Rosewood, everyone is freaking out that Alison is alive. Then Melissa bursts in talking about a big secret which we viewers don't know about. Then we see Holbrook talking to Spencer's family about how Cece Drake has escaped police custody. How? I don't know. Then we have Mona, who is just...crazy. Back in New York, the girls (not Aria who is at the hospital trying to see about Ezra, who she obviously has feelings for) are trying to ambush A and then when they do so all hell breaks loose. About 30 A's burst out to some pretty cool music and some sort of flash mob happens with all the A's mumbling about how they're A. The girls run away to a Broadway theater that Ali shows them to that Ezra's family just happens to own.They begin talking and chatting and such and the scene cuts back to Aria at the hospital, where Shana bursts in. What?Shana tells her that Ali sent her to watch over her and Aria's unconcerned about that. The next scene focuses on Mona. She's got a bunch of people, including Lucas who Ali bossed around when she was the head honcho of Rosewood. Apparently this is some sort of team meeting, and not the A Team must I mention. ANOTHER FUCKING TEAM. Paige, who's also there starts bitching and as she is about to leave, Melissa bursts in.And she stays. Then we see Ezra waking up and he whispers something into Aria's ear and we see Shana gone.Back at the theatre, the girls (including Aria who ran the hell out of the hospital after Ezra told her who A was) are there and Shana arrives with a gun. She admits to setting the cabin fire and a bunch of other stuff saying she did it to prove her love for Jenna.WHERE SHE COMES IN...I DO NOT KNOW. She tries to shoot the girls, but Aria unleashes her super mega form and bashes Shana's head in. They leave Shana's dead body there and that is the end of the episode.Wait, nope, I almost forgot, Ali gave Cece her passport so now she is on her way out of the country as Vivian Darkbloom. 
And that is all.

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