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Pressure For Teenagers : Good Or Bad?

By Medicalminds @Sarina_Med

Pressure For Teenagers : Good or Bad?It was a bright sunny day. While I was basking in the sun, my cousin solved his SLC (School Leaving Certificate) mock papers. He has been meticulously solving it over the past few hours. The SLC exams are due in the next few months. SLC is a board examination carried out by the government of Nepal on a yearly basis for students who are completing their tenth grade. It’s also called the Iron Gate that one has to cross, in ones educational life. It’s a very tough exam and it is also known to be prestigious by many.

Students who are giving the SLC examinations are under immense pressure. Pressure created during SLC are of two types, the self induced pressure and the parental pressure.  The self induced pressure or the self satisfactory pressure is the drive that one creates for themselves. It’s a self driven motive to work for something.

Parental pressure is an external pressure that parents create for children. It revolves around the actions of parents, which include a positive approach and a negative approach. Positive approaches include, actively engaging in the child’s studies, counseling them for a subject, sharing their own experiences about the exam. Learning the child’s weakness for a particular subject and helping them plan a routine accordingly. Some parents bring changes in lifestyle like disconnecting the cables and internet before the exams.

Negative approaches include subjecting one to immense cruelty like beating and mishandling of children just for grades. People do not understand, subjecting one to such level, will not only create a void in the Childs mind, it will also result in depression as they age. Any kind of violence is absolutely contra- indicatory to a developing mind especially when they are in their teens.

Children or more appropriately teenagers who fall within this age group of 14-19 years face pressure. They usually experience pressure before the SLC test examinations and during the later part of their age when they compete for different entrance examinations. Parental pressure seems to be more common in families, where individual excellence is credited by the grades that one obtains. Healthy motivation involving a reward at the end of the exam. Learning what they want and offering them to buy that after the exams has shown to create zeal for studies.

I always respect  and admire people who have self driven motivation to achieve in life without any external pressure.  Students need both self driven and external pressure.  Have you seen the water flow in the river? It flows because both external and internal force pushes it forward to the pond. Parents need to understand that.


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