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Press Conference Notes (Post-Washington)

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker

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This weeks presser got off to a little late start, featuring as always volleyball head coach John Cook followed by head coach Bo Pelini and his team. This week featured Kenny Bell, Yoshi Hardrick, Rex Burkhead, and Ciante Evans. Here are a few of the highlights:
- Nebraska’s head volleyball coach John Cook talked about the Big Ten opener versus Penn State. Said the atmosphere should be big and the reason people come to play for Nebraska. “When you’ve won four national championships, you obviously have a deep belief in what you’re doing as a program,” Jon Cook said about Penn State.
- “It’ll be the showcase of college volleyball Saturday night,” John Cook said.
- Kenny Bell was up first to talk about Saturday’s game: “We’re going to be looking to get better every week.”
- “We’re going to treat it like every other week,” Bell on Wyoming. “You never want to be complacent or pleased with how you’re doing.”
- Bell stressed that consistency is key: “We proved we can move the ball on the ground and in the air.”
- When asked about the defense, Bell stressed that the offense and defense are very much one team: “I wouldn’t say we carry the defense. We have no resentment towards the defense. It’s a football game. No one can be perfect.”
- Bell was also quick to note that the offense is working hard at putting points on the board: “As an offense, we are expected to put points on the board and that’s what we do.”
- “You all got your stop watches on?” Bo Pelini immediately started Monday’s press conference by commenting on the media’s criticism of how long he spoke last week (1:56 to be exact). “It was 1:56 of questions,” Pelini said.
- “We’re going to grow a lot from what has happened,” Pelini said about the defense. “You’re never at the point you want to be at Week Three.” He also stressed that that applies to the whole team, not just the defense.
- On the changes the team will make going forward: “You just stay the course. That’s what I’ve learned over a long period of time. You don’t make rash adjustments.”
- Status of Alfonzo Dennard from Pelini: “Dennard will practice today. I think he’s doing a lot better.”
- “I don’t think we played very smart Saturday,” Pelini said.
- Bo Pelini talked a little bit about Wisconsin, saying that it is all about the process and living in the moment: “I don’t worry about our guys looking ahead.”
- “Practice means a lot around here,” Pelini said about his team.
- Pelini on the size of Wyoming’s stadium (30,000 seats): “I didn’t know that until you said that. I’m sure it will be full and will be a good crowd. As far as I know, the field is still the same size.”
- Yoshi Hardrick talked about the impact of keeping fresh legs in the game saying the offense rotated every two series or so.
- “All we can do is get better,” Hardrick said referring to the team overall.
- “Funniest game I ever played,” Hardrick said about new starter Seung Hoon Choi. Hardrick also had people laughing telling how Choi and Wyoming’s #74 were talking to each other and what they were saying.
- Rex Burkhead talked and joked a bit about quarterback Taylor Martinez and his slides on Saturday: “He came over to me in the huddle and said, ‘Did you see me slide for the first time?’”
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