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President Unman

By Eowyn @DrEowyn


“Men’s hearts will fail them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming upon the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” – Luke 21:26

Subjected to daily assaults on our liberties, consciences, security, and against the Constitution of the United States, many of us are growing weary. The word that comes to mind when thinking about current events in Washington is, “relentless.” Every week, if not every day, there is a new aggression against the citizens of America.

We’ve had fun with the term, “President Lucifer,” after the accidental likeness in the Bible series between the devil and our president. It has been fun tossing jokes around with this moniker. Now that Roma Downey has cast Satan out of the movie, “Son of God,” made from the series, perhaps it is time to take new a look at the mystery that resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Let us call him

President Unman

Consider the following:

  1. We don’t have certainty about who his parents are.
  2. We don’t have access to his records in the schools he (claims to have) attended.
  3. paper_mache_plain_masksWe don’t have an honest birth certificate, and the one person who might have been able to fill us in has caught a fatal strain of the Arkansas flu.
  4. His fingerprints are all over revolutions and uprising worldwide, including the “Arab Spring”, and Ukraine.
  5. He’s shifted the definition of terrorist from radical muslim, to Christians, Jews and Republicans.
  6. He has secretly loaded the Department of Homeland Security with Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers and Marxists.
  7. He is the largest supporter of Planned Parenthood, the genocidal eugenicists and abortionists, dedicated to the extermination of black people.
  8. fire-mask-d1He is a man with no interest in women.
    “Neither shall he regard the gods of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall magnify himself above all.” – Daniel 11:37 (Daniel’s dream about a beast who rises out of the sea.)
  9. He has said on many occasions he is a muslim.
  10. He’s waging war on the Catholic and Evangelical churches.
  11. He’s thrown the Constitution under the bus.
  12. He’s purged the military of its most important leaders, and replaced them with yes men, stooges, atheists and muslims.
  13. He’s deliberately dismantled the economy.
  14. He’s making every move the destroy free speech.
  15. mask_traditionHe has purchased unimaginable caches of weapons and ammunition for domestic agencies that have no reason to be armed.
  16. He has appointed a completely lawless racist, Eric Holder, to to post of Attorney General, head of the Department of Justice.
  17. He’s consciously allowing the building of numerous terrorist training camps all over the country.
  18. He may have staged false flag operations in our country to create a pretext to disarm the American people.
  19. He has secretly continued to build FEMA camps ready to imprison those who oppose him.
  20. There is a scar on his head that has never been explained, likely surgical in nature.
  21. He willingly receives praise due a deity, and causes fainting in his audiences.
  22. He is both directly and thru his agents promoting hatred among the black people for people of European and Asian descent.
  23. He deliberately tried to reignite old hatreds between the Catholics and Protestants during a visit to Northern Ireland.
  24. He’s built, and is growing, a secret army of islamic jihadists, and giving them combat experience in Syria, murdering Christians, Jews and supporters of a moderate muslim president.
  25. He is actively trying to destabilize Russia.
  26. Krosis_MaskHe’s actively using the IRS and the FCC to target any news media that refuse his talking points, and to crush conservative Republicans, Libertarians and Tea Party groups.
  27. Death panels were created, and then toned down, in favor of an even more effective way of removing the baby boomers who remember the way America was supposed to be. The better way? De-fund Medicare, and make lifesaving services and medicines unaffordable to them.

And to return to the original point, we know next to nothing about him. Now, he could solve the whole problem by opening up his past for examination. This would dispel the conspiracy theories… unless there really is something to hide.

What kinds of theories do we have about this man?

  1. He’s a “Manchurian Candidate”, a man who was programed or brainwashed into doing the bidding of his Communist masters.
  2. He’s a man bent on revenge for the perceived crimes of European Colonialism.
  3. He’s hand-picked by home grown leftists, the American Communists, and groomed to enter by stealth, to fulfill a Saul Alinsky style take-down of American capitalism.
  4. He’s a garden variety racist who can finally pour out his hatred on people of another color.
  5. He’s an idealistic incompetent, who’s accidentally breaking everything he touches.
  6. He’s the result of relentless efforts to develop Transhumanism, and begin a world takeover by a being that is not exactly human.
  7. Maybe he’s a man completely possessed by a very high ranking fallen angel, carrying out the devil’s plans on earth.
  8. antichristAnd on that line, he may be something worse, something unthinkable, unspeakable.

What would lead an otherwise sane person to come up with such wild speculation? Perhaps it is the relentless push to turn America into a totalitarian 3rd world police state. Perhaps it’s the fact that, while talking peace, he’s effectively setting the whole world on fire.

perelandraIn Perelandra, the second book of his space trilogy, CS Lewis had a character who was a representative for the devil. The man named Dr. Weston, was a brilliant scientist who had built a spacecraft capable of travel to other planets. He was in the first book, causing trouble, but was mostly in control of his senses. By the time we encounter him in the second book, he is so completely possessed that his actions seemed more like a puppet than a man. Lewis called the completely possessed scientist, “the unman.”

Now, all of this is silly talk. It’s born of mystery, popular mythology, and nonsense. But the next paragraph is in earnest.

Mr. President, I urge you to repent, turn your life over to the Lord Jesus Christ, and avoid the catastrophe you are currently racing toward. I pray for you, and for your family, that God would give you times every day when you are free from your handlers, and have a heart and mind that are receptive to the Holy Spirit, and to the heart of God. Thru the redeemed eyes of new life in Christ, you will see much better solutions to the problems in this country and the world. And you will be in position to do great good.

Jesus knocks

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