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President Lucifer, The Propaganda President

Posted on the 28 March 2013 by Eowyn @DrEowyn

This WND article is brilliant. I recommend it. ~TD

Propaganda President

Propaganda President



Exclusive: Marisa Martin spins tale of the first ‘design’ presidency


EDITOR’S NOTE: Though based on actual events, portions of this column are dramatized to fit speculation.

“For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”

– John F. Kennedy, Yale University graduating class speech (June 11, 1962)

On May 1, 1958, a group of 32 Marxist sympathizers met in a Chicago hotel, planning the future disintegration of the American States. Organized by Soviet operatives, they were artists, writers, Hollywood producers, social theorists, professors, politicians and miscellaneous, hardcore Marxists.

Somehow they managed to evade the keen eye of CIA counterintelligence head James Angleton, who had been tracking members of the operation relentlessly, revealing moles and snagging spy networks like a spider in his web. He warned of Soviet disinformation and deception campaigns, which he believed reached into the U.S. government even then – but this one, far under the radar, went undetected.

Hours and many arguments later their plans ran aground as they concluded the U.S. military was too strong for any direct assault and the nation’s mindset was decidedly anti-communist. This would all have to change.

Hashing out a long-range plan decade by decade, they hoped to change public perception, weaken American resolve and install their man in the White House within 30 years. It took 50.

Only an elite core understood the scope of the plan in its entirety, and later operatives were approached considering their personality, weaknesses and pride. Justice issues were peddled to attract philosophers and future politicians, while intellectuals and universities were plied with flattery, attention and serious money. Artists, actors and public relations specialists played starring role years later in a plot so spectacularly unlikely that it wouldn’t pass as believable in a John le Carre novel.

Decade after decade the goals hammered out that night by the committee were eventually met:

  • By the 1960s, much of Hollywood and leftist intellectuals function as Marxist shills
  • Marxist criticism and analysis is required for many higher degrees.
  • Church, traditional morality and loyalty is ridiculed in popular culture
  • Americans are utterly dependant on popular culture, which is saturated by leftists.
  • Marxists fill posts in media, colleges, courts, politics – even the church
  • Constant bombardment of U.S. unilateral disarmament and capitulation to United Nations demands

But the big prize kept ripening on the stem just out of reach for decades, an open, unapologetic communist in the White House. This required intense planning and a virtual convergence of factors in their favor: willing accomplices in media and Congress, voters equally ignorant of history and the Constitution and a flexible, change agent of their own creation.

9/11 opened the gates of destabilization and national soul-searching while several guerilla-Marxist art collectives saw their chance and rushed in. Quebec-based Deoconiste led the charge aided by the disarmingly named MASS-x, Angry Fishwives, Voxb#x and TuT-tUt.

Deoconiste’s members were fiercely Marxists first, artists peripherally (neo-Dada-Marxist, anarchists) and the type Angleton worried he would somehow miss. They considered their art to consist of political intervention and toyed with the idea of placing an massive, avant-garde art installation in the White House. Propaganda specialists from the USSR and Eastern Europe had migrated over to give them a hand, and some of their original members had attended the 1958 meeting and kept the vision alive. Expat Soviet experts on miscommunication and deception theory joined the team, infiltrating the generally unsuspecting national media in North America.

Voxb#x specialized in sloganeering and the science of visual and verbal meme campaigns, prepared for a long campaign. In 1972 they began to secretly approach far-left members of Democratic Party, which had been infiltrated and softened for the coup over four decades.

While Marxist clubs and instructors had flourished on U.S. campuses since the 1920s, “AngryFishWives” and spinoff groups were sent to organize the ranks while headhunting for new talent and student volunteers. The name refers to hoards of angry fishwives who threatened Marie Antoinette before the French Revolution. The (neo) “wives” worked with community organizers with similar missions, such as ACORN.

TuT-tUt is far weirder than the name. They combined results of social science experiments such as mass delusion and crowd control in staged events involving music, drama, drugs and multi-media. Marxists game-theoretic models were worked into social science experiments on undermining or building trust. Ironically, TuT-tUt used information commissioned by military intelligence and the CIA to do this.

Originally formed by students and staff at UCLA Film School, MASS-x’s Marxist ideology trickled into Hollywood through the years like a diseased blood transfusion. Later the industry indirectly supported the group’s goals through economic cronyism from leftist gentry, huge grants and unearned promotions.

From virtual reality to the Real Deal

The progeny of MASS-x, newly pumped with cultural victories over conservative America, wanted more control over the White House and D.C. Secret planning sessions after 9/11 between most media outlets, leftist politicians, wealthy donors and unknown hosts led to a declaration of virtual war and a plan; fashion our man from scratch for the presidency.

Needing a blank canvas on which to cast their collective vision, they searched for a human Tabula Rosa, and many fingers pointed to Barrack Obama.

He was young and photogenic, a necessity for the massively visual Hollywood, blockbuster-style public relations campaign they planned. Neither black nor white, Obama could play the race card both ways and read a speech well.

The best part of Obama was his formlessness, the votes he never bothered to cast as an Illinois senator, the missing Selective Service and other records and the multiple personalities and pseudonyms he amassed by a young age.

Promoted through college by wealthy Saudi benefactors and the relentless, Chicago political machine, his tutors and benefactors Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn recognized Obama’s potential to spread Marxist power even then. You could do anything with a man like that.

The 2008 presidential campaign was a giant, ongoing, social experiment on America’s citizens. Could their perception and emotions be controlled using new media, mindless slogans and repetition? Would mass public disapproval and primitive psychological punishment, shame relatively conservative citizens into electing an unknown man primarily because of his color?

Hyped through Internet experts in social trust and deception, Obama’s empty phrases and patchy background were crafted into a solidly real man. The mass of citizens were tired of war and trouble and searching for a savior. Open ended “hope” and undefined “change” were filled in by individual minds who set aside rational thought and went with along with the highly entertaining program of the first design president.

My big, fat disclaimer:

The assertions I make here are largely factual, but not all the details are. Consider it fictionalized history. Guerilla art collectives, some persons, dates and meetings are speculated details, while major action and background of the recent elections are historic fact.

Why create fictionalized scripts concerning Obama’s past when there is already so much damning evidence of his split loyalties? Won’t this just be assigned to the scrap pile of conspiracy theories already clogging the blogosphere? Yes, and that’s the point.

The very blankness of the man, his interchangeable histories, religions, names and identities, work against anyone who accuses him. It’s all a “conspiracy theory,” and who could prove otherwise? A thinking person of integrity and curiosity will attempt to fill in the gaping blanks and connect the dots, coming up with any number of speculations, which can all easily be denied.

Mindless masses aren’t the Obama administrations’ concern. The people who projected all their hopes for a better future on one human being have proved they are weak and easily manipulated by media hype and propaganda.

You really can fool most of the people most of the time. A bitter pill to the pride of those that elected the man, most aren’t willing to admit it even if they are beginning to see the light.

Wants your complete cooperation.

Wants your complete cooperation.

The success of open, unconcealed, betrayal and deceit was noted by Nazi death-camp torturer and doctor Josef Mengele, who marveled at how his victims denied their terrible reality: “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe it.”


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