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President Lucifer Golfs While the World Burns

By Eowyn @DrEowyn


  • The only Pro-Infanticide president in American history
  • Planned Parenthood’s greatest supporter
  • Secretly supporting jihadists across Africa and the Middle East with military supply, training and logistics
  • Declared America is a Muslim nation
  • Single handedly destroyed the American economy
  • Used NSA and IRS to target conservative opposition
  • Has deliberately worked toward criminalizing the Christian faith in the US military
  • Has promoted and perpetuated racial hatred in America
  • the list goes on, but you get the point





While President Obama works on his golf swing, British Prime Minister David Cameron has cut his summer holiday short to preside over an emergency crisis meeting about the Islamic State in Iraq. Perhaps Cameron’s mind has been concentrated by stories like this one – a transcript of an interview with a British-born jihadist on the popular teenage chat-room

Here are some of the questions British kids were dying to ask of this exciting role model – together with his somewhat terrifying answers.

Q: Are there gun stores there? A: Yep, u can buy loads of stuff.
Q: Are bulletproof vests hard to get where you are? Would a person be better buying it in Turkey and then crossing over with it? A: You can buy it here easily, like any random military store in Raqqah u’ll find it.. they’re like $100.
Q: Do you use night vision goggles? A: Of course, we even have spy planes.
Q: Are Nikes sufficient footwear? A: I brought one pair of Adidas high-tops. You’ll get what you need here. You won’t enter the battlefield unless ur kitted up and you have ammo etc.
Q: Are there a lot of bugs there? Like if I’m sleeping, are they gonna crawl on me? Sorry if this is a weird question. May Allah reward you. A: Nope inshallah, you’ll be fine. Even if there was bugs, there’s those bug eliminators. It’s not bad, only thing is mosquitoes really.
Q: Is there internet at your homes? A: Sometimes your house can be near an internet cafe so you can use internet from there.
Q: Are there jobs to be an executioner, like when you capture kuffar [non-believers]? A: Yep.

I’m sure we’ll all be able to sleep much more comfortably in our beds at night now that we know the young British recruits out fighting for the Caliphate are not being unduly troubled by unpleasant insect life and that when they go about their holy business of chopping innocent villagers’ heads off that they’re all protected by very-reasonably-priced bullet proof vests…

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Vacations? Take them while you can Mr. President. Hell goes on for a long time. 

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