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Presents for 1 Or 2 Year Olds – Last Minute Gifts

By Newmummyblog @newmummyblog
Presents Year Olds Last Minute GiftsPresents for 1 or 2 year olds – last minute gifts

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Most of this is similar to my gift lists I did when H was this age... however I've a few additions now we have B!

These can all usually be bought in the supermarket so they're easy to get hold of last minute, but lots on a Amazon too.

Presents Year Olds Last Minute Gifts
Presents for 1 or 2 year olds – last minute gifts

1. Peppa Pig everything!

B is obsessed! Sold in most supermarkets so perfect for last minute presents!

2. Doll

Again sold in every supermarket. A soft bodied doll is great for little ones.

3. Doll carrier or crib

Just encouraging that imaginative play! B loves playing with H's doll cot, carrier and they both have little pushchairs for their dolls.

4. Cleaning set

I saw brilliant mop, brush and dustpan sets in most supermarkets and Home Bargains

5. Dyson vacuum

This CASDON Dyson Vacuum was H's but they both play with it now, and it 'works' although it's best to 'place' some crumbs as I don't often find it picks anything up usually as it's not that strong.

6. Trike

A Smartrike is so versatile for all ages from 9 months plus! H, is 4 and still uses hers around the garden.

I also love the look of this folding trike - Smartrike version for little ones, especially as a change from the pushchair of if you don't want them to nap!

7. Scooter

H has a Smartrike which she's had since she just turned 2, but B currently steals hers at every opportunity we've got B a Mini Micro Scooter for Christmas and I'll be able to compare the differences.

8. Folding Micro Trike

We were sent this folding Micro Trike to review and it's brilliant - though I'm only happy with B on it now she's 18 months and seems more stable. It's great for the car as it folds.

9. Water drawing mat or book

This book style water colouring book is also perfect for traveling or flying with kids

10. Music player

Ours came from Argos but is great fun!

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