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Presciption Sunglasses CAN Be Cool

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
I don't know about you, but whenever I think of prescription sunglasses, I think of small Anastasia "I'm Outta Love" type sunnies with a string attached to them but actually, a lot of the sunglasses you see from big brands like London Retro or Ray Ban can all be bought with a prescription.
Presciption Sunglasses CAN Be Cool I've moaned about my vision a hundred billion times (slight exaggeration) on here so I won't do it again, but I have to wear glasses or contact lenses at all times like a lot of people do. Some people can only wear their lenses for a short time (like me) and some others simply don't like the idea of using contact lenses and so stick to wearing their glasses which is where prescription sunglasses come in really handy.
I was recently contacted by Glasses Direct who told me all about their service where you can try out different frames at home - free of charge - to see which frames you prefer - they even have a virtual try on for those of you who want to try on numerous frames without waiting for them to arrive.
Presciption Sunglasses CAN Be Cool
I was also told all about the sunglasses which I talked about earlier. All of the London Retro glasses are available as sunglasses so I decided to try out the Wayfarer Elwood sunglasses by London Retro which are the perfect shape for my face - really large frames make my face look like a pea and small frames make it look huge - These frames are somewhere in between the two and look great.
Not only do they look great, they feel really high quality - probably because I'm used to cheap Primark sunnies - but these feel like an actual pair of glasses and will last more than just one season.  For me these would be worth every penny.
Have you tried out prescription sunglasses? I would definitely recommend checking online if you're thinking about it - and NO, I was not paid for this article - although I was sent these to try out :)

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