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Preparations for a Party

By Tinybear @tinybeardk
I´m working on preparations for a Birthday PartyIt´s actually my Birthday Party.
I had the big 5.0. birthday in JanuaryJanuary 1th in fact - and who wants to go to a party on January 1thNot any I know - not me eitherso I decided to have the party in March instead
I have to tell you this is a big deal for me,being a very private person and a homebuddy, I´m not much for parties.Last time I held a party was when I turned 30I haven´t had a birthday party in 20 yearsso you see.... this really is a big dealand I´m kind of scared and close to regret tooas the party is getting closer - it´s on saturday - uurrggh :-)
I´m enjoying the preparations thoughNo one in my family reads here, so I´m going to show youwhat I have been working on
Preparations for a Party
these are for the name cards.Little salt and pepper shakers - customized for every guest.I´ve found some vintage images symbolising something personalfor each of my guest - something they like to do or have as a hobby.I won´t tell anybody, so I´m excited to see if someone will notice
Preparations for a Party
these pages are old magasin pages from a weekly Danish Magazincalled Ude og Hjemme. They are from 1879-1880.I´m going to place them as place matesunder each plate - if the conversation goes slowlywe can always talk about what happened in 1880.
Preparations for a Party
These are going to be next to every plate.It´s the menu.I´m going to have the food delivered so we - hubby and I, don´t have to do all the cooking ourself. It´s a buffet - hopefully it´ll be good.At least there´ll be great wine - we bought that :-)
Preparations for a Party
closeup of the front
Preparations for a Party
Here´s the menu inside.
The table cloth and napkins are cream colloredand I´m going to place all my silver candle holdersalong the middle of the table with white candle in.
I hope it´s going to be a great looking table.I hope the party will be a great one too.Wish me luck and send some steady nerves my way.
Wishing you all a wonderful and calm day
Tina ♥♥♥

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