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Prepaid Plans Newsletter – Issue 55

Posted on the 06 March 2012 by Prepaidplans @prepaidplans

Newsletter Issue – 55

In this issue we take a closer look at the prepaid mobile range offered by Optus, looking at each of the plans and who they suit. We also take a look at a question asked by the Woolworths Mobile website regarding their plans, and introduce the latest in prepaid mobile broadband – 4G from Telstra.

Optus was busy in 2011 developing new plans and reshuffling their range, 2012 has been somewhat quieter. Optus has five prepaid offers in total. Let’s take a look at each of them in a little detail.

$2 Days – as it says, for $2 a day you get unlimited prepaid calls, Txt and internet access. Tethering is not allowed. If you don’t use your phone you don’t get charged. Recharge options start at $10 for 10 days all the way through to $100 for 100 days. Great plan if you use your phone a lot, it can however get pricey.

Turbo Cap Plus – I would say their most popular plan, and the one that has received the most attention to date. This plan gives you an allowance for everything, including calls, Txt, and Data. For $30 you receive $300 in call credits, unlimited Txt, 500MB data and 28 days to use it. Upgrade to a $50 recharge and receive $1000 in calls, unlimited Txt, and unlimited calls to Optus plus 3GB data. Two minute call costs $2.17. All plans also come with unlimited Facebook & Twitter access. Plus sign up before 31/3 and receive unlimited weekend calls all year. A very competitive offering.

Long Expiry – I wish it was longer, 180 days really isn’t that long when you compare what is out there. Recharge between $30 – $100 and get 186 days to use it. A $30 recharge offers $50 of calls to anyone and $100 to Optus. A $100 recharge offers $150 to anyone and $250 to Optus. Two minute call costs $2.17.

Crew Cap – This plan also takes a focus on calling other family members using Optus. Recharge options are also between $30 – $100 and expiry is 60 days. $30 recharge will give you $100 to anyone and $100 to Optus plus 100MB data. Plans also come with unlimited Txt to Optus. Recharge $100 and receive $450 to anyone and $450 to Optus plus 700MB data. Two minute call will also cost you $2.17.

Connect 4 Less – this plan has a focus on cheap international calls from Australia. It also has cheapest local calls Optus offers on prepaid. A two minute local call will cost you 43c. You receive 1MB free data each day, then it is 5c/MB. Example of international call rates (mobiles) includes : Malaysia 2c, China 0c, Thailand 2c and Hong Kong 2c. 23c flagfall applies.

Optus has a good selection of plans, call rates aren’t cheap at 89c/min and 39c flagfall but the call allowances are generally pretty competitive with other offers. Data is charged per MB and excess data is $2/MB. This is where they could do some more work and maybe even consider free Facebook/Twitter for all prepaid plans.

What Optus also offers is a range of Top ups just in case you are running low which range from $5 – $20 and cover call credits, data and international calls rates.

Woolworths Mobile relaunched its prepaid plan range last year with two smartphone caps, $29 and $49. The $29 Cap offers $250 in calls to anyone, $250 to Optus or Woolworths Mobile (was until recently just Woolworths mobile) and 5GB with 45 days to use it. On their website they ask the question; Can you top this smartphone cap?

When it comes to call value, $250 to anyone and $250 to Optus or Woolworths is a pretty good offer. It is actually the best offer out there for around $30. Actually why don’t you compare them for yourself.

On the data side, I have to agree with Woolworths. Even though the data is counted per MB, and no tethering is available, 5GB is way in front of everyone else. Red Bull Mobile comes close with their 365 Plan but it is a year long commitment (upfront).

So yep, Woolworths is right, you will struggle to top it!

Note Woolworths this morning also added a bonus $50 credit special offer for your first 6 recharges. Just in time.

If you are demonstrating anything on the net to customers or friends, the faster the internet the better. No one enjoys having pages never load. 4G is the fastest wireless internet offered at the moment. Telstra launched it with a contract plan last year and now they have released it for prepaid customers. For $129 you receive the 4G USB with 3GB of data (lasting 30 days). Beyond this, you need to recharge and Telstra isn’t the cheapest but the speed might just be worth it. Best value recharge is $150 for 10GB, lasting 12 months.


Quick round up of the great recharge deals available at the moment.

Virgin Bonus $1200 Credit
If you purchase $2, $5 or $29 sim pack and recharge with a $29 Your Cap before 31/3/2012 you will receive $200 bonus credit each month for 6 months. Bonus recharge must be issued in total before 30/9/2012.

Optus New Turbo Cap Plus – Unlimited Weekend Calls
Connect with the Optus New Turbo Cap Plus before 31/3/2012 and stay connected for the entire year with minimum credit and you will receive unlimited weekend calls to Australian standard numbers. This includes national voice calls to mobiles, landlines and 1300/1800 numbers.

Vodafone 365 Days Special Offer
Recharge with $30 on the 365 Day prepaid mobile plan by 31/3/2012 and get infinite standard national Vodafone to Vodafone calls for 365 days (standard voice calls within Australia). Must activate recharge by 29/02/2012.

Lebara Mobile Mega Plan $9.90 Bonus Offer
Buy a $39.90 Mega Plan Starter pack online between 25/01/2012 and 31/03/2012 and receive a BONUS $9.90 Mega Recharge voucher. The Mega Recharge voucher can be used to top-up your included call credit for international calls and data, at Lebara’s standard low-cost rates.

Woolworths Mobile Bonus Offer
Sign up to the $29 Cap and receive a bonus of $50 ($550 total call credit) credit for the first 6 recharges. Credit lasts 45 days. Plus you receive 5GB data. Ends 15/4/2012.

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