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Prelude to Chaos

Posted on the 20 July 2018 by Steveawiggins @stawiggins

Prelude to Chaos

Liquids are the enemy.Don’t let the cuteness of this little guy fool you—there’s collusion here.For as well as creating life, and being necessary to sustain it, water destroys.Creator, annihilator.We moved during a time when neither of us had vacation and we told the over-tired movers that it was okay to put our boxes in the garage.We planned to move them soon, but, you know, work.Then the rains came.Not just sprinkles, but downpours.The garage isn’t water-tight.Boxes were soaked.Many books were damaged.This wasn’t a flood that can be claimed on insurance, it was simply rain pooling where people usually park their (normally waterproof) cars.In their place sat our books.

We both worked the day after the rains.When we discovered the damage the next evening, it looked manageable.I had to work the next day, of course, and a few breaks sufficed to get the many, many boxes of damaged books out into the sun.It was carnage.We don’t have much in the way of material goods; we spend a bit of money on books, however.Now they’ve become the victims laid out on this altar of home ownership which, at the time, seemed like a good idea.We needed a house for our books.We needed time to move them from the garage to the house.Yes, old friend Morpheus, “Time is always against us.”

Job sat upon his ash-heap and pondered why he’d paid the movers so much only to have his moved goods destroyed.And in a manner in which insurance assessors are trained to point to the fine print.Those who store their goods in the garage reap the wrath of liquid.You see, when water reaches cardboard, or paper, the wood pulp sucks it up.Carefully dried, the paper remembers the compelling nature of water.Too little, and you die.Too much, and you die.No wonder the ancients thought that water was a deity.It claims all—tries to get in through your roof.Lays insouciantly on your basement floor.And the garage—yes, who thought of the garage when the immediate concern was to shut the windows to keep Leviathan out of the house?I spent weeks carefully packing those books against shipping damage.Used up my vacation days doing so.  Chaos has claimed them.I would weep, but that would be collusion with the enemy, even if nobody sees.

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