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Pregnancy Updates....

By Megthamama
- I'm 9 months pregnant. I can't even handle. 

- I'm ROCKIN' cankles like none-other. My ankle bone can't be found. Flip flops leave lines in my foot. 

- I asked my man if my face is as fat as my feet, and he replied:  "No babe.....your face isn't ANYTHING like it was in college." 

 Please continue to punch me in the gut. I enjoy it. 

It's no secret that I may have weighed as much as my 9 month pregnant self my freshman year of college. I blame it on the dorms and the cafeteria plan that dad bought. I really blame my freshman 20 on my dad. He reminded me EVERYDAY that he purchased 3 meals for me that day........and starving kids in I ate.

- This child's nursery is FULL! What a great little problem to have! I kindly told my mom.....please don't buy anything without checking with me first. Then, I'm going to tell her not to buy it and just save the money to put towards his college education. 

- It's funny how your mind changes in your 9th month. Things that I worried about in the beginning are no longer on my radar at this point. They just don't matter anymore. Of course I want my Dr. to deliver my baby.....but if she doesn''s ok. I'm still having a baby either way. 

- Sleeping through the night is a distant memory for me. It hasn't happened in MONTHS! I wake up about every 2-3 hours now. So, I have been sleeping on the couch. It's easier for me to roll off to go to the ladies room at 3:30. Periodically through the night, H will wake me up just to make sure I'm breathing and haven't birth the babe. 

- The weenie dog buddies know something is UP! Oscar keeps stealing toys from the nursery and is constantly getting in trouble. Since Coopie is deaf, he has no idea how good the squeakers are in kids toys! I may have exchanged 1 toy already because it would send Oscar into a frenzy!! Oscar will sit by the nursery and whine for us to open the door. When we do, he runs to the toy basket and picks up the orange monkey teether. 

- When you are 9 months pregnant.......your body is comical. If you want to laugh until you cry at yourself........try on a bathing suit at 9 months. I sent my man a selfie from the dressing room. 

He replied back with 1 word: NOOOO!!!

- Bottles and pacis were washed this week. This poor child may very well starve due to the fact his mom has a hard time just taking the cap off of his bottles. Mom of the year right here. 

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