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Pregnancy Updates

By Megthamama
-Today was my glucose test. All was well.
This test seems to get a bad rap, and women dread it......but it really wasn't that bad.
It was just a sugary orange drink.
However, I can see where it would be terrible if I had been extremely nauseated.

- Baby Boy is growing everyday. I'm happy and terrified that I've outgrown some of my maternity clothes already.

- We are 26 weeks into pregnancy.

- Mom and I left the Sweet Pea Swap on Saturday with more items that I care to blog about.

Little buddy will certainly not be naked for his first year of life! 

-The Jones fam jam decided to go walking on Sunday afternoon after our lunch induced coma (hamburger steak with rice and gravy tends to do that). 

Anyway, in the course of walking a mile, I had to stop twice because I thought I was gonna give birth on the sidewalk in our hood via my belly button! We stopped to say hi to a neighbor and he offered up his home or bathroom. Neither would have helped me. I just had to breathe it out and find a zin place......and that made me realize, I don't think I have a zin place

About 5 minutes later, I was fine. 

It was the same song, same pains in Kroger. Thankfully, a sweet lady we attend church with walked by to check on me in the dairy aisle. I told her that I was just gonna stand still and breathe it out. It feels like baby boy turns from being horizontal to literally trying to escape head first through my belly button. My stomach gets sooo tight all of a sudden. I swear the child is doing yoga! 

-Praise the appetite is decreasing! I feel that I'm sorta getting back to a normal schedule. 

- H and I joke about the "pregnancy" weight that he has gained. Our convos go like this:

H: Hey- want me to go pick up Dairy Queen for you. 

Me: Nah. You don't have to go for me. 
H: I will if you want me to. I'm sure you would love a turtle ice cream. 
Me: I think I'm good. 
H: Are you sure? It's just up the road. 

I blame H for the majority of my weight gain. 
The sad news is.....all he has to do is just drive by the gym and he will lose 6 pounds in a week! Me on the other hand, I gain 6 pounds in a day. 

- Saturday is our birthing class. I'm sure that H will have the jokes coming during class. If they show us a video of a birth, I may have to leave. Either that or sign up for a C-section! 
Pregnancy Updates

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