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Pregnancy Cocktail

By Ofanselm @ofanselm


The human body is such an amazing, confusing invention. I spent the first two decades of my life never drinking water, never really exercising, probably not eating any vegetables - not doing anything to maintain any normal functions of my body, really. Somehow, everything just worked.
Then I got pregnant, and things got weird. I'd get what some people call "dehydrated." I started feeling it if I skipped those prenatals everyone insisted I had to take. My poor head would throb at the mere mention of MSG. Forgetting to take my calcium/magnesium/potassium two days in a row made every muscle in my body feel like I'd run for 10 hours straight. I've become that woman who closely examines every label, fighting for those extra 2mg of iron.
I remember the days when I thought it was too hard to remember to take a one-a-day multi, so I just didn't. Seriously? Now, every day I down pills, powders, liquids - in all, seven different supplements, one medication, and maybe a couple tinctures and essential oils, depending on how my day's going. That's not even saying anything about the diet I have to maintain these days to feel normal. It's amazing how much things change!
I'm honestly not complaining. I'm really not. I'm glad I've finally gotten the hang of it! As much as I wish my prenatals didn't taste like algae, I feel proud of myself for finally maintaining a couple healthy lifestyle habits that are usually relegated to the same junk drawer as every other forgotten new year's resolution. It only took me 27 years to learn to get the hang of it! Lord willing, I'll make it stick for the next 50 years too. Now, if I could only manage to exercise more than once a week...
Bottoms up, my pregnant friends!
Pregnancy Cocktail

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