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Predicting Bioshock Infinite's DLC

Posted on the 05 April 2013 by M00kyst @mookyst
Bioshock Infinite's upcoming DLC is still a mystery to everyone. However while we don't know anything about what it might include or what effect it will have on the story, we can try and predict what it most likely will be.

Be warned that it does contain spoilers for Bioshock Infinite.

Predicting Bioshock Infinite's DLC

Mystery Of Rapture Explained?

I noted in my Understanding Bioshock Infinite's Ending Part II Q&A that I thought that most of the Rapture theories were a bit outlandish and crazy. I still stand by that as, while there is no doubt Rapture is relevant to the story of Infinite, I don't think it is as involved as people are making out.

That said, with the DLC to be released, the true secret and relevance of Rapture could be explained. Maybe there is some hidden conspiracy here that I have just missed and everyone is right. If there is, then this might be explored in the upcoming content. There are so many theories to do with Rapture and Infinite that I can't possibly go through them all and explain which ones I think are most likely to be a possibility so I'll leave it here.  Bottom line is that the DLC may confirm, or deny, what people have been saying about Rapture. We just have to wait and see!

Another DLC, Another Universe?

Having already covered the 'main universe' and ending the game on a very certain note, Bioshock Infinite can't really continue to explore the original plot while following directly on from where Infinite's story ended. So what might it do? In fact, would could it even do? Well, actually, there are, technically, infinite possibilities, right? Infinite worlds and universes = infinite DLC possibilities. 

The DLC could easily focus on an alternate universe to do with Booker and Elizabeth. It could let you play as Booker when he lead the revolution in Columbia. It could let you be Booker in another world where he made a different choice or another thing happened. If there are infinite worlds, then the options are endless. The DLC could very well take us on a journey with Booker through an alternate universe.If it is released in this form, then it will be either really, really story focused, giving us a different perspective or more information on the main game's plot, or it will be quite irrelevant and focus more on its own, individual, story.Just one note: so long as Elizabeth is in it, this is cool with me.

The View Of A Different Man (Or Woman) And A Different World?

Many DLCs often put you into the shoes of another character so this is one thing we can far from rule out here. Infinite could let you play as some other person, maybe completely forgetting Booker and/or Elizabeth. Hell, we might even get to play as Elizabeth herself.

We could step into the shoes of Slate, Comstock or maybe even someone from Rapture. Yep, who said the DLC had to even be set in Columbia or that world? It might turn out that the add-on is more of a tribute to Rapture by letting us return there for a 3rd (technically 4th) time.My main issue with the earlier proposition about it following a different character is that these type of DLCs are often very weak and not very good, and while I am not saying Irrational will not do a top class job with whatever content they release, even great developers can screw up with add-ons. Even if the game was awesome, the DLC isn't guaranteed to live up to it.
But Most Of All; It Better Be Good, Got It, Irrational? I'm not a big fan of DLC, not because I don't like spending extra money on more content, but because while I love the idea of being able to explore a game further, most add-on content sucks. 
I absolutely adore(ed) Bioshock Infinite. If the DLC is not good, I will be very, very, very upset and unhappy. It doesn't have to be perfect, but at least equal Alan Wake's DLC in terms of quality. In fact, take a good look at the original Alan Wake game and what an outstanding job it did with its single player add-ons. They were incredibly well made. Single player DLC always tends to suffer because it is so much harder and more particular to develop than multiplayer DLC. That said, it can be done. And you better do it right. Got it? Good. Now hurry up and give us some information on it, we're dying over here!

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