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Prayer Request Update From 11-2-2013

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Dear Fellowship Family I’d like to thank you and update you on this prayer request.

I had asked for prayers for a 13 year old boy named Nick, and his Mom and Dad Vinny and Deanna. They are family friends. Nick choked on a piece of candy on Halloween night and his Dad was unable to dislodge it. Anyway by Sunday night the Dr.’s had determined there was no brain activity and the decision was made to take him off the respirator Monday afternoon and his organs were donated.

There is no answer to why in this, but I do know that a 43 yr old man was to get his heart, someone the lungs, 4 people were to split the liver, and someone the eyes.

Today a wake will be held and tomorrow the Funeral Mass.

If you can say a Prayer for Them it would be most appreciated. I have no idea how parents can go on from here.

So maybe it was Nicks job to give life back to all these people.

If you are not an organ donor won’t you consider it. I am and it was easy. I know here in Fla. I just checked a box at Motor Vehicle when I renewed my license. I have put 2 links below. The first is some myths about organ donation and the second is like a National registry.

Thank You,  Steve

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