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Prayer Blankets

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Our church creates prayer blankets for people who are facing a challenge.  It could be something like grieving after the death of a loved one or like recovering from surgery.  Whatever the challenge, several members gather with two different types of fleece to pray and create the blankets.  The team starts tying the knots and prays over the blankets.  At church the next Sunday the congregation finishes the knots and prays again.  It's a lovely activity for all ages.
Since Dad and Marlene died, the brunette twin has been talking about making prayer blankets for Mom and Steve.  She brought up the topic a few weeks ago and just kept talking about it.  When I said that we were going to the store to buy fabric, the blond twin added that we needed a prayer blanket for my husband's Mom.
The girls looked at every possibility and color combination.  In the end they chose six lovely fabrics to make the blankets.  I told them that if they really wanted to give prayer blankets, they would have to help make them.  We weren't going to drop off the fabric and leave.  
They were so excited to make the blankets.  They told everyone the stories behind the blankets, cut the fabric and helped tie knots.  They giggled when they planned how to give the blankets to everyone.
These are the moments that make all those frustrating moments worthwhile.  Somehow we're raising thoughtful, considerate little girls.  It's something we hoped would happen, so seeing it come to life in them is one of the great joys of my world.  

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