Self Expression Magazine


By Atulsharmasharma

One day the great Muslim emperor, Akbar was praying in a forest. A young peasant woman crossed him in a great hurry. The emperor was disturbed. Angered he ordered his guards to capture her. The guards caught and brought the woman in front of the emperor.
' How dare you disturb my prayer,' asked Akbar.
The woman got frightened.
Still gathering some courage and with downcast eyes she replied, ' I was lost in the thoughts of my beloved husband. So I did not see you.'
Then a strange thing happened. The woman looked at the emperor with fiery  eyes as if possessed  and said, ' Emperor! I was so engrossed in my beloved that I could not see you. You were also supposed to be engrossed in the same manner while praying but you were able to see me. How?'
The Emperor understood her words and taking them to be God's to improve his prayers he asked his guards to release the woman.

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