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Prabhas’s Rebel Movie Review

Posted on the 28 September 2012 by Cinecorn @cinecorndotcom


Bhoopathi (Krishnam Raju) is a local don and a rebel leader in his own right who serves justice to people. He has many enemies because of this activity and hence he wants his son Rishi (Prabhas) to stay as far away from this murky world as possible.

As expected Rushi (Prabhas) chooses the path of his father and he faces some personal crisis in this path. How he overcomes the personal crisis or what he does in the end is the basic plot of the film.

It is Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s show all the way. He flexes his muscles, he fights, he loves, he cries, basically he does everything that is required of him and in the end of the film it is his hard work alone that one remembers the most.

After Prabhas its heroine Tamannah who shines but it is restricted only to dancing. When it comes to acting she overacts. Especially in the climax she takes over action to a new level altogether.

Krishnam Raju plays his role well but the look of the character looks odd on him. As if that was not enough he also has a fight in the film that makes things look funny even in the complete seriousness surrounding it.

Supreeth gets a good role although short. He has an emotional scene in the second half and he does well.

Deeksha Seth has nothing to do in the film and her part is also very small one.

There are a numbers of villains some old like Mukesh Rishi, Pradeep Rawat and some new. They all have stylish costumes and makeover but that’s it about them.


prabhas rebel recent latest leaked pics photos 300x137 Prabhass Rebel Movie Review

Action sequences
Pre Interval and Interval

Predictable story
Contrived screenplay
Over the top acting by almost all the characters

The film has a routine and very predictable story and it becomes even more predictable with director using scenes and screenplay structure reminding of his past films. Nothing happens in the film apart from very over the top and forced comedy in the first half till pre interval.

Story gathers momentum ten to fifteen minutes before interval and the fights that come during this point are easily the biggest highlights in the film. It just takes the film to a whole new level only to completely crash land right after interval with the introduction of Krishnam Raju’s character.

What happens post interval is big bore and long drag with some big fights in between. The predictability of the proceedings makes one tireless however the action scenes that come in between keep one engaged. But even the action scenes too become more gory as the film progresses further and the finale is one bloody fight with blood spilling all over.

The climax is long and full of violence and with good dosage of over action. On the whole the second half never matches up to the electrifying interval and is below average.

Direction by Raghava Lawrence is the biggest culprit here. It has become stereotyped and way predictable. The comedy scenes fused into the screenplay especially are just not funny at all. It wouldn’t have mattered that much but since a majority of the film has comedy in it, it sticks out like sore thumb.

Music by Raghava Lawrence is poor but the choreography and energetic performance in the songs by Tamannah saves them. Editing could have been lot better.

Action choreography is very good overall and is the major highlight and reason to see the film.

Bottom-line: Rebel is action porn. Watch it if you are a hardcore action movie buff and don’t mind the absolute staleness of the story.
Rating: 2.5/5

 Prabhass Rebel Movie Review
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