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Power of Belief

By Atulsharmasharma
In a small Indian village a widowed mother did not have the money to pay for his son's bus fare to school. The boy had to cross a forest to reach the school. And the boy was afraid of the long lonely walk through the forest. So, he did not want to go to school.
'There is no need to fear son. Whenever you feel afraid call your brother Krishna for help.'
The boy had full faith in her mother's advice. And the next day he called for Krishna. And God Krishna on seeing the small boy's devotion appeared and daily walked with him to the school.
The mother was happy for her son. The boy daily told her mother how he enjoys the company of his brother Krishna. And the mother just listened to him without reacting taking it for a small boy's innocence.
One day the boy asked his mother for some money.
'What for?' asked the mother.
'Tomorrow is my teacher's birthday. Everyone will bring a present. I too want to buy one.'
'I do not have any money to spare. Ask your brother Krishna. He will help you.'
And the boy slept unworried fully believing his mother as usual.
The boy asked Krishna for help the next day. Krishna smiled softly and gave him a jug full of milk. The boy happily presented the jug to his teacher. The teacher started to pour the milk in a container and it spilled out but the jug was still producing milk. The shocked teacher tried this time to empty the jug into another container getting the same results.
'Where did you get this jug?' asked the teacher a little afraid.
'From my brother Krishna who resides in the forest.'
The teacher and the whole class burst into laughter.
'Take me to him,' ordered the teacher.
And on reaching the middle of forest, the boy started to call for Krishna. After a long wait no one appeared. The teacher scoffed at the boy, 'Let's go back to school.'
As they turned around to walk away, the boy pleaded, 'Brother Krishna show yourself my teacher wants to see you.'
And this time the whole forest echoed from all sides in one go,'I can't brother. I can't. He doesn't even believe I exist.'

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