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Power of Acceptance by Annemarie Postma

By Aprilshowers

The Power of Acceptance, published by Watkins Publishing is a lovely book written by a fantastic lady named Annemarie Postma. An extract from the section "stop working on yourself" from this book highlights a wonderful feature about how we are complete beings. We just need to relax and accept ourselves just as we are.

Only you can do it. There is no one outside of yourself who will bring you freedom or who holds the key to your happiness. There is no magic solution outside of yourself. The only solution is to become hyper-aware of what your unconscious motivation is. The only really meaningful question to ask here is: what really keeps me from doing something pleasant, something to ensure that I am satisfied with my life? To find out, it is essential that you learn to have a closer examination of your inner convictions, feelings and thought patterns.

Difficult? Yes! Mostly because those inner convictions, the ones that cause most of the misery, happen unconsciously. Therefore you cannot work on them directly, even if wanted to. It's just up to you to become aware of them. But this is the beginning of an interesting and exciting journey. Because as soon as you involve the unconscious with your current reality, you will start to see the cause-and-effect connections. As soon as you involve your outside world with your inner world, you will start to look deeper into and recognize the meaning behind the appearance of everything that you find on your life's path and, in return, the cause of your pain and feelings of loss. You will start to see that everything you experience as painful and annoying is the cause of your (unconscious) inner contradictions. And that a conflict outside of yourself always points to a conflict inside. There is inner resistance somewhere, where something doesn't flow. So you become more conscious when you begin to see what the cause is and what the effect is. There is no development without taking on the personal confrontation with yourself. You don't need anything or anyone to do this - no workshops, coaching sessions, rites or ceremonies, spiritual illusionists, ego-tourists or someone who strokes your ego. You only need one true and honest guru and that is you.

  1. The only way to regain joy and vitality in your life is to relax into the reality of the current moment and by embracing the aspects of yourself that you think shouldn't or cannot be there.
  2. After all, you are a whole human being. Your "I" can govern your thoughts and say, "This part of you is allowed to be here and this part isn't. But you aren't half of yourself, you are whole.
  3. That wholeness cannot disappear. It is what you've always been and what you always will be. It's your true nature. You don't become whole by becoming perfect, but by allowing yourself to be a whole human being.

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