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Potty Training Tips from the “Say Adiós to Diapers!” Pull-Ups Luncheon

By Michelle Hernandez @Familylovesa
This past weekend, I was able to have a bit of "me time" and attend a Huggies Pull-Ups "Say Adiós to Diapers!" luncheon to discuss potty training tips with other local mom bloggers! That's something only moms can do, right? Talk diapers and potty training while eating! Parenting expert, Jeannette Kaplun, lead the conversation of this lovely group of ladies, pictured below. 
Huggies Pull-ups Say Adios to Diapers Luncheon in San Antonio, Texas
It was a judgment free conversation. Everyone was open and honest about their experiences on how we got our children to say adios to diapers. Although potty training is years behind me, it is something that I took very seriously at the time. With twins, we had to go through the process twice, back to back. So, prior and during, I did my research and read plenty of articles. 
I enjoyed the conversation and learned some new tips and tricks! Did you know there is an app about potty training? There were no iPads when I went through it with my twins, so that was news to me! Potty Training Tips from the “Say Adiós to Diapers!” Pull-Ups Luncheon
So, from a mother of boy/girl twins, here are my Potty Training Tips taken from my personal experience and gathered from this luncheon:
  • Follow your child's lead - Don't force it. Trust me, don't waste your time if your 2 year old is not physically or developmentally ready. They should  be able to stay dry during a nap and be able to communicate with you that they need to go to the restroom. 

  • Try a potty chair. - It can be less intimidating and sometimes a bit scary for a toddler to have to sit on that big toilet. Introduce the potty chair a little early and let your child get acquainted and comfortable with the chair before you start. 

  • Use Pull-Ups - These help the little learn the mechanics of potty training. Because when you're 2, it's a new thing to have to pull up and down your bottoms. 

  • Be consistent  - Honestly, to be successful, you have to commit. Be prepared for some long waits in the restroom while they are trying to "go". 

  • Stay positive - If you started and find that the time is not right, take a break if you need. I thought it was time for my son when he was about 2 1/2, but after a week or two of trying with fail, we decided to just wait until he was ready. 

  • Dress for the occasion - Around the house, it may be easy to just let them walk around in their undies. But while out, keep in mind that long pants can absorb more of an accident than shorts or dresses. 

  • Make sure all caregivers are on the same page. - Avoid the confusion. 

  • Use a sticky note - Public toilets can be loud and a have an automatic flush that can scare the kids. Cover with a sticky note so it won't flush with them on it.  

Potty Training Tips from the “Say Adiós to Diapers!” Pull-Ups Luncheon Hope you enjoyed these tips? Would you have anything to add? 

What do you talk about with your mommy friends when you are having lunch?

You can join more of the conversation on Twitter and Facebook under the hashtag #sayadiostodiapers. 

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