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Potato Trial: The First Earlies

By Plot58 @plot58
Potato trial: The First Earlies
What a hectic week, SO busy at work right now not much time for the plot so yesterday on my day off I made the most of the fantastic weather and spent the whole day on the plot.
So much weeding to do its depressing, so the first job of the day was to weed over the bed to plant the aubergines and the fennel and celeriac. I am very impressed with myself this year as almost all my vegetables have been grown from seed and not brought from a nursery (which I admit I did last year a bit) and I am particularly proud of my fennel and celeriac’s both look very healthy and strong young plants so a good crop is forecast. And my aubergines I have planted some outside and some in my green house at home. The weather is normally quite good down here in East Anglia so I planted the aubergines out, but with this summer I don’t hold my breath.
Potato trial: The First EarliesI also weeded over the carrot patch as the weeds had gone mutant! Unbelievable the size they reached in 10 days! I also set about sowing a few more rows of carrots ready for September.
Potato trial: The First EarliesI gave my onions and Garlic a quick hoeing over too and I noticed that my garlic had what looked like rust over it, can anyone tell me what this is?? And I hope they are still ok to eat as they really look like a good crop this year!
Potato trial: The First EarliesOne of the tasks I was really looking forward to was the potatoes and my first part of my potato trial for 2012. Today was the day for the first earlies………. The excitement I had turning the pot out onto the wheelbarrow I was like a kid in a sweet shop! But the excitement soon turned to disappointment my first tub which was Ulster Classic really didn’t crop much at all 520g to be exact. But I still had hope for the Winston and British Queen but upon turning out the Winston I was disappointed yet again this time only 390g total. I have decided to leave the British Queen a few more weeks in the hope of a bigger crop. I never really grow first earlies as I have always have a poor crop but I thought this year would be different………….I was wrong.
Potato trial: The First Earlies But on a good note, we ate them that evening with salad and a piece of poached salmon and they were absolutely beautiful they tasted so creamy especially the Ulster Classic I would go as far as to say one of the creamiest new potatoes I have eaten if all my potatoes taste a good as this I am in for a real treat this year….. Have a cracking week folks…
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