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Pot Calls Kettle Black: Pope Francis Chastises Pastors for Talking Too Much

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Ever since Argentinian archbishop Jorge Bergoglio was elected by the Papal Enclave to be head of the Catholic Church 2 years 3 months ago, the new Pope Francis hasn’t stopped talking and talking and talking . . . about not just church doctrine, but everything under and not under the sun.

Those talks pour out as a random stream of consciousness or verbal diarrhea, seemingly without much forethought or planning, including:

  • Contradictions, such as while affirming the church’s long-held stance that homosexual behavior is a disorder, Pope Francis nevertheless demurred with false humility, saying “Who am I to judge them,” as if Jesus means us not to discern between right and wrong, moral and immoral, good and evil. At the same time, Francis regularly “judges” all kinds of people, as you’ll see in the examples to follow.
  • Being rude and insulting: About a woman who was pregnant again after having seven children, all delivered by Caesarean section, Francis derided the idea that “in order to be good Catholics we have to be [breed] like rabbits” and produce litters of kids.
  • Endorsing tyranny by calling for a new supra-national global authority to combat climate change.
  • Being hypocritical, calling gunmakers false Christians while the Vatican’s own Swiss Guards and Pontifical Gendarmerie are armed with state-of-the-art firearms.
  • Being communist by endorsing a redistribution of wealth by the state in his 2015 speech to the United Nations.

Here’s the latest of Pope Francis’ “judging” and hypocrisy.

Pope Francis

On Thursday, June 25, 2015, at Santa Marta in the Vatican, this pope who has a penchant to talk way too much without forethought or discretion delivered another long rambling homily in which he admonished pastors for talking too much and called them “pseudo Christians” and “pseudo pastors.”

Here are the talkative pope’s words (source: Vatican Radio):

“When Jesus warns people to beware of ‘false prophets’, he says: ‘By their fruits ye shall know them’. And here, by their attitude: so many words, they speak, they do wonders, do great things but they do not have an open heart to hear the Word of God; they are afraid of the silence of the word of God and these are the ‘pseudo Christians’, the ‘pseudo pastors ‘. It’s true, they do good things, it is true, but they lack the rock. ”

What such people are lacking, the Pope continued, is “the rock of the love of God, the rock of the Word of God.” And without this rock, he warned, “they can’t preach, they cannot build: they pretend [and] in the end everything collapses.”

These are the  “pseudo pastors,” the “worldly pastors…or Christians also, who talk too much,” the Pope added.  “They are afraid of silence;  maybe they do too much.” And, the Pope insisted,  they are not capable of embracing what they’ve heard – [they like the sound of their own voices] – and this does not come from God.”

Highlighting the words, “doing, listening, speaking,” the Pope said, “one who only speaks and does, is not a true prophet, not a true Christian, and in the end everything will collapse: it is not on the rock of God’s love – [it] is not as firm as a rock. One who knows how to listen and [takes action on what he’s heard] , with the strength of the word of another, not his own:  that is balance. Even though he is a humble person, that does not seem important – but how many of these great ones are there in the Church! How many great bishops,  how many great priests, how many great faithful who listen and do from listening!”

Please, God.

Please save us from this pope who is puffed up with false humility, who lacks critical self-reflection, unable to see himself in those whom he chastises and derides.


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