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Posts With The Mosts

By Albert Wagner @albertwagner4

Well, they said all good things must end.

Actually, though, all things in this world end somehow.

That includes this blog.

While it has been a rewarding experience, there are a few reasons for ending the blog.

One is that traffic has not developed much in over three years, in addition to the idea that some concepts overlap and, of course, the cost of hosting a blog.

It will probably be moved to another source for reference.

So, as this is an ending, it seems fitting to review the posts that received the most pageviews over the three plus years, going back to February 2013.

In fact, the blog started on blogspot and was migrated to WordPress.

But this post is about including the posts that were read the most. It is said if one wants to express themselves, they write a journal. But a blog is supposed to be about those who are reading it.

Posts With The Mosts

This is acknowledging those who read the blog for over 3 years.

Here are the posts with the most pageviews:

5. What You Ought To Know About Islam

Islam is, of course, in the news a lot lately. This post came from the idea that a lot of what is in the media is not mainstream Islam, but from extremists.

People should also have an idea of what Islam was meant to be about. The majority of Muslims in the world believe the kinds of things in this post. People are owed a version that is not the fringe.

4. 3 Better Ways To Free Yourself

This post looks at normal human emotions in daily life. There is a difference between what the world tells you and what religion tells you.

3. What Faith Can Do

This post had an underlying spiritual meaning, as all these posts do. But many people relate to sports, and using sports analogies can help sometimes.

This post get a surprising number of pageviews.

2. 4 Reasons Christianity Is Not Man-Made

This is an assertion that is frustrating to the author. That is, declaring that religion is "man-made."

For example, what is in the Bible did not come from humans, so just what does that mean? Jesus told you how to pray, worship, etc. It did not originate with human beings.

It can be frustrating when people say religion is "man-made."

This post was surprising because it had over 3 times the number of pageviews as the next post. That is out of over 300 posts.

It tells you that the idea of suffering, an unjust suffering, is on the minds of a lot of people. This is not surprising.

These posts have been fun to write.

The idea is to get people to think. It is to get people to think about something more than their daily routine. These things go deep into the soul.

But, here's the thing. Most people are thinking about these things in the back of their head somewhere. The idea that there is some underlying reason why they are here, as a human, and going through the things they are.

Maybe someone can take an idea, or a kernel of knowledge from these posts, and apply them somewhere in their lives to improve them. Or improve them for someone else.

That journey never ends on earth.

Sometimes you write a post, and it leads to a thought process you hadn't pictured before. (Actually, part of learning occurs this way)

This blog ending does not mean there are no more ideas to write about. It was noticed, however, that some things seemed to start to overlap, even when different examples were used.

Writing goes on outside of this blog, but there is also the reality of domain and hosting charges. The blog might also be transferred somewhere else.

As with many things in life, ideas and priorities change. Maybe the domain would be renewed, for instance.

Spiritually, life shouldn't be static.

Thanks for reading.

Posts With The Mosts

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