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Postcardish Island of Burano

By Elena @elenatravelgram
Elena's Travelgram travel tips Burano Venice Italy In the end of March when I've needed to fly back to Kyiv, the cheapest option was to have a stopover in Venice. I really hate the fact that a one way ticket usually costs as much as return tickets, unless you're flying low-cost. Sometimes it's getting even more hilarious: a round-trip Lufthansa ticketKyiv-Paris-Kyiv usually costs around 200-250 euro if you buy it in more than 2 weeks prior to the departure. And an EasyJet single way ticket (without baggage, meals or whatsoever added services) from Lyon to Ajaccio, Corsika costs 256 euro (!!!) when I’d wanted to buy it in almost 2 month advance! 
Is it only me who thinks that’s ridiculously unfair? Anyway, it’s not about airline tickets today (I’m still working over a guide of how to get the cheapest airline tickets ever for any directions. I’m 100% sure you've never used this method, but it works for me all the time, so stay tuned), but about amazing Venice and Technicolor painted Burano Island.  Though, the city’s pretty expensive, there are still a number of things you can do for free or on a tight budget! I’ve lived in a 16th mansion in a five min walk from San Marco Square for just 60 euros per double room with a huge bed, bathroom and breakfast included and had a yummy lunch for 15 euros at the Burano Island. This colorful fishing village is around one hour ferry ride from the mainland Venice and even on a gloomy day, looks live and vivid. There are far less tourists here as most just hope earlier at Murano Island (that’s way less exciting as for me). Add the place to your Italy bucket list  and enjoy these colorful postcards! J

Burano Venice Italy

The Burano Cat

Postcardish Island of Burano

.....and colorful laundry hanging everywhere

Elena's Travelgram travel tips: Burano Venice Italy

This guy gave me a rich insight to Italian cursing :)

Elena'sTravelgram travel tips: Burano Venice Italy

The rain scared away all the people

Elena's Travelgram travel tips Burano Venice Italy

Elena's Travelgram travel tips Burano Venice Italy

Elena's Travelgram travel tips Burano Venice Italy

P.S. I’m a huge fan of Postcrossing and beautiful post cards. So in case you’d like to swap a card with me – feel free to email me at elenastravelgram {@} gmail {dot} com or leave your request in the comments below! 

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