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Post-work Splendour | Sunday Scenes

By India Struthers @India_Alexandra

loch fyne edinburghA couple of Sundays ago I rather grumpily sat outside on the balcony in glorious warmth and heat eating my Sunday breakfast all decked in Reiss as I was going off to work. The day to my surprise passed quickly and soon I was skipping out the door to be met by les parentales and taken down to Loch Fyne for a Sunny Sunday drinky. Isn’t that just such a great way to end your working day? I rather think so. The clouds which although look a tad menacing in my photos (blame my tendency to artistically enhance things) were in reality, not. Nope, it was beautifully warm and the sun was streaming through all those bright blue pockets of sky. Ma as ever was matching in wonderfully with her surrounds, nautically wise. They had been lucky enough to go for a walk at Porty Beach earlier on in the day and they enjoyed the most delicious looking 99′ ice cream. Totally not envious when writing that, nope, not one bit … Especially not when seeing ma’s instagram photie. Anyway, I am side tracking and time to get back to me and my experience in the sunshine at the end of my working day! This blog ...

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