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Post-Thanksgiving: Sometimes Leftovers Are the Best

By Finance4youth @Wil_Stanton

Most of you are either still stuffed like yesterday’s bird, or your feet are tired from impersonating a zombie flash-mob at your local retailers, dragging through the day, fueled by coffee, the last remaining candy corn from Halloween, and the hope that you are going to save a ton of money and finish your winter holiday shopping. I get that. I also get that many of the “smart” people are snarking about how much better they are for NOT going to the mall, and hearing any advice will go over like a lead balloon. So in the interest of knowing when to say when, today’s post is just about wishing that all of you had the most enjoyable Thanksgiving you could wish for, surrounded by your loved-ones and a ton of food that you will be working on for the next few weeks!

In the coming months, I’ll be rolling out a re-branding of Finance For Youth, as well as some new opportunities for you to show your support for this site and your dedication to the Qualities of Success. I’ll also be letting you in on some hopefully interesting and exciting news. I’ll let you know now, 2013 looks like it will be HUGE for F4Y. Stick around!


p.s. I know I’ve probably used this song before, but since you can really only listen once a year, enjoy!


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