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By Slvintage @SLVintage
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On the heels of last Tuesday's blog about an obsessive young woman, I saw another segment on that same episode of Anderson that has prompted today's posting.
An older retired couple were guests who proudly talked about their 5000+ collection of Cabbage Patch dolls.  They were firm in calling them 'kids' as dolls are inanimate objects.  OK?!...
They live in an 800 square feet mobile home themselves.  However their beloved 'kids' live in a permanent, climate-controlled extension that is about 6000 square feet!


Do you remember those funny looking Cabbage Patch dolls?  They caused a frenzy back in the early 1980's.  They were first invented as "Little Person"  dolls in 1976 by Xavier Roberts.  They were THE Christmas gift for the Christmas of 1983.  I recall how kids and parents alike went completely crazy looking for these dolls.  There was one man from North America who even flew to the U.K. after hearing of a lead that got him the coveted little creature.
You might think that this couple's collection comes from a strong desire to be parents, sublimating their love for a baby  to child-like objects, as they were unable to fulfill this need biologically.  However this couple has a grown daughter who was sitting with her parents on that sound stage, looking very embarrassed, rolling her eyes a lot.   
I'll avoid further phycho-analytical mumbo jumbo and say that I think people can go to far with anything, even in the pursuit of retro or vintage pleasures.  Please excuse my judgemental slant on this. 
People can be darn weird sometimes!  It makes for great TV and fodder for the water cooler!

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